Jo’s Journal: Having a NEMO moment

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Having a NEMO moment

by Joanne Troppello

I recently re-watched a clip of Glenn Beck on FOX News Channel. He made an interesting correlation between the animated movie, Finding Nemo and a real-life lesson.

He showed a clip where the star fish was in the fish tank and a young girl came close and looked scary to him—and he said that he needed to find his happy place. Glenn discussed that when life happens and things are not so great, we can get angry, or unplug and ignore it—or have a Nemo moment and find our happy place, realizing that life will get better.

I told my husband that I’ll definitely have to use that idea of having a Nemo moment when life hits me hard. Life is all about perspective and sometimes I allow my circumstances to overwhelm me and don’t always easily trust that God has a greater purpose for everything that I’m going through.

Being content in all circumstances is not always easy, but trying, does help you get through those difficult times. In small group, we recently discussed this same topic of how in life, trials happen but striving to be content in all circumstances is helpful to keeping the right perspective.

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So, do you have a happy place? I love spending time at home with my husband and spending time with family and friends. However, sometimes life brings craziness and it can come in the form of dealing with relationships.

One reason that I enjoy writing is that it is a therapeutic outlet for me. Diving into my current WIP is fun and I get to escape my own life but for a moment. It allows me a chance to breathe and relax. I’m sure my fellow writers out there will understand this happy place in writing.

Do you find that when you write, it’s therapeutic for you? Is writing a happy place for you? Maybe you find your place of escape reading or watching TV and movies. I find that all of those are a place to escape too.

I’d love to find out your thoughts on this subject. Please feel free to comment.

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