Jo’s Journal: How to Encourage Others in Today’s Surreal World

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How to Encourage Others in Today’s Surreal World

These Uncertain Times Call for More Encouragement

by Joanne Troppello

We’re living in surreal times. Our President tweets on Twitter. Tweets are discussed on the news. This is an election year. On top of all that, our world is dealing with the coronavirus, a declining economy, high unemployment, protests, and riots.

With all these things occupying our minds—and our daily stresses in normal life— we could benefit from becoming better encouragers to other people.

Become More of an Encourager

With everything going on in our world today, life can become depressing. I’ve always been the type of person that sees the silver lining in things. I’m a glass half-full person.

We all could use a bit more encouragement these days; especially with all the negativity we see in the news and in our online experiences—as I touched on in my article Tips on Handling Stress from Social Media.

Implement these tips into your daily routine to become more of an encourager today.

1. Be Intentional

Make a point to be encouraging each day, even if you don’t feel particularly happy. We’re still living with the coronavirus and some states requiring masks in stores etc. and kids not being able to go to school but having to learn online at home.

Use video chat apps like FaceTime or Duo to connect with friends and family members to encourage them to keep going during these trying times. These basic steps can do a lot to change the recipient’s mood. Be intentional in your encouragement.

2. Be Introspective

Spend time each day resetting your mindset and refocusing on what’s important in your life. When you can be more introspective and centered, that will help you respond better and not react harshly to people. You’ll be a better encourager when you take care of yourself and value the importance of your total health and well-being.

3. Start at Home

You won’t be an encourager to those in the workplace, your church, and community if you are not encouraging those in your own home. Try to encourage your spouse, children, and others in your immediate household circle each day.

The better you get at encouraging those around you in your home, the more you will find that encouraging others in the world will become easier—especially when we all can return, hopefully to normal after COVID-19 and these protests and riots are over.

4. Set Realistic Goals

If you think you’re going to be an encourager all day long to everyone, that’s an unrealistic goal. No one is that encouraging throughout the entire day. Focus on setting realistic goals to help you become the best encourager that you can be.

Start small and expand your goals. Make a point to encourage three people each day. Setting that goal can help you remember to do it throughout your busy schedules.

5. Get Connected

Connect with other people who are great encouragers. This will help you grow as an encourager and be encouraged when you fail and when others don’t receive your encouragement the way you hoped they would.

These people can become your online virtual support group, which is something we all need in this crazy world that is often filled with tumultuous global events and stressors on our lives.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

For those who like utilizing technology, consider using some of the following motivation apps as detailed in this Healthline article.

· FitQuote

· ThinkUp

· Fabulous

· Motivate

Additionally, there are many daily encouragement apps that can jumpstart you each day and help you encourage others. Consider some of these as showcased in App Crawlr.

· iDisciple — references daily encouragement “at your fingertips”

· Daily Quote — lifestyle app sharing quotes for daily encouragement

· Family Broadcast — Focus on the Family app for encouragement each day

If we all do our part to encourage others and bring light to our circle of influence, we can make this world a better place—and hopefully continue to encourage others after quarantine life is over.

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