Jo’s Journal: Small Steps Forward

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Jo’s Journal: Small Steps Forward

Taking One Day at a Time

by Joanne Troppello

“One step at a time. One punch at a time. One round at a time.” – Rocky Balboa (Creed movie)

In the last several years, I’ve gained some weight. When I got married, I was a size 5 and my wedding dress was a size 2. I had a great metabolism and was able to eat anything I wanted, barely exercise (aside from the normal everyday movement going to work and moving around the office etc.)—and still not gain weight.

Fast forward many years. This July, we’ll be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. I’ve learned a lot, love my husband more, and gained weight. I’m currently a size 10. My metabolism is not as great as it used to be, but that’s expected after you hit the big 40, and in the ensuing years.

In February, I started exercising again. I began using my MaxiClimber machine, and also started doing yoga and plyometrics. I hadn’t exercised for like six months before that since I was so busy with work. However, after weighing myself and feeling so tired from lack of exercise, I knew I had to get started again.

So, I’ve been exercising now for eight weeks. I had to start slowly the first few weeks on the MaxiClimber with only 10 minutes at a time and building up to 30 minutes. I lost 2½ pounds the first month. I started feeling great about the initial weight loss, but then when I wasn’t losing any more, I started to get discouraged. Then I remembered that as the muscles get more toned I could be gaining muscle weight.

I measured my waistline and saw that I lost ½-inch. That may not seem like a lot, but it was progress to me. My goal is to lose 15 pounds, and 5 inches around the waistline, while toning up my muscles.

As I’m finishing up month two on the exercise plan, I wish the weight loss and inches lost would be faster. However, I have to realize that I’ve only been at the 30 minutes per day for three of the eight weeks. I had to build up my endurance level.

Today, after I did my cool down stretching, I realized that I was able to do more stretches than when I began two months ago, and my flexibility had significantly increased. My endurance level has also increased. Doing yoga and plyometrics again has improved my balance, which had been significantly decreased due to the increased weight I’d been carrying on my body.

“Some quit due to slow progress, never quite grasping the fact that slow progress…is progress.” – Toby Mac (Speak Life)

I have been losing weight and inches, even though my progress has been slow. I’m gaining back my flexibility, endurance, and balance. Slow progress is still progress—I need to keep reminding myself of that.

When I measured my waistline today, I noticed that I was getting closer to ¾-inches lost. Soon it will be an inch lost and then the five lost that is my goal. I’ll lose those 15 pounds and feel even better as I get back into shape.

If you’ve been experiencing slow progress in achieving your goals, just remember that even slow progress is still progress.


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