Jo’s Journal: Waiting for the Mail Carrier During a Snowstorm

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Waiting for the Mail Carrier During a Snowstorm

Learning Patience Through the Waiting Times in Life

by Joanne Troppello

I’ve been decluttering around our home since the new year. This is something I usually do twice a year. I found some rings in my jewelry box that I’d purchased years ago but can’t wear anymore since I’ve gained some weight (through our almost 17 years of marriage) and have gone up in ring size.

I found an app called Mercari and decided to list those rings. I had tried to sell them through a Facebook yard sale site last year, but only sold one and then gave up trying to sell anymore. Sometimes it’s a hassle to schedule and meetup with local buyers. Within two days of listing these rings on Mercari, I sold two. I was excited. They were just in my jewelry box and I wouldn’t be able to wear them anymore. So why not sell them.

One good thing about the Mercari app is you can choose to pay for the shipping or have the buyer pay. I chose to have the buyers pay. Mercari then emails you a PDF for a prepaid label. Then you simply package the ring and put the package in the mail.

We live in a rural area and our mail carrier will pick up packages that fit inside the mailbox. When we lived in a more urban area in a condo development a few years ago, we could drop letters in the mailbox, but not packages, so I like that I can leave the package in our mailbox and not have to drive to the post office.

The Big Snow Storm

I was excited with my first two sales and got the rings packaged and then put them in the mailbox. I went out to lunch with my husband after church on Sunday. His boss had given him a gift card for Christmas, but we hadn’t been able to use it since the restaurants were still closed for dine-in eating at that time due to COVID-19. We were excited that we could finally go out to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant since they opened up again in January.

Then it started snowing. My husband always checks the forecast since he works outside doing pest control and wants to be prepared for different weather events like snow or heavy rain etc. We had just finished our lunch and ordered dessert and a cappuccino for him and decaf tea for me when the power went out in the restaurant. We figured it couldn’t have been from the snow since it wasn’t snowing hard yet and there was no ice or sleet, which is a more usual culprit for downed power lines.

The manager came by and said that their backup generator would be coming on soon if the power didn’t come back on first. Then our waitress came by with battery operated candles for every table. She joked and said, “Now you can have a candlelight date.”

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We finished up our dessert. The manager took our gift card number and said they’d process it later since there was no power to use the credit card machines. The few customers who were there finished up and left too. I told my husband that the employees and managers were likely going home too since no other customers were coming and their generator never came on yet. Probably a good decision because the snow would start to come down heavier within the next hour or two.

We went outside to our car and as we drove out of the parking lot, my husband saw that someone’s car had slid into a utility pole around the corner and that was why the power went out. It didn’t look like there was too much damage to the vehicle so we hoped the person was not injured badly.

The next day was Monday and the snow kept coming. My husband had no work, and he was able to use a personal day, so he’d still have those hours in his paycheck. Our mail carrier usually comes by to drop off and pickup mail between 1 pm – 4:30 pm. I kept checking and no mail carrier. Our red flag on the mailbox was still up.

I figured OK. It’s really snowing hard now. Guess there is no mail carrier coming today. Then Tuesday came around and still no mail delivery. It had stopped snowing around 11 am. The snowplow trucks had been back around this morning and the roads were cleared.

Yet, I was still annoyed. I needed those packages to be picked up and sent to the customers in a timely fashion. OK, yes, I know, I sound like I’m in Diva mode. Just ask my husband, I get that way sometimes. Then he reminded me that not all the roads were likely cleared. People still needed to clear their driveways and make a pathway cleared for carriers to get to their mailboxes. He said I should be calm, and the carriers would likely be back on their mail runs tomorrow.

A Lesson in Patience

I had obviously been impatient. However, I had messaged both customers and explained about the snowstorm and no mail delivery or pickup and they were fine with that. They understood.

So, I’d worked myself up into frenzied Diva mode for nothing. Just a point so you can understand why I’d gotten so upset—I had wanted to make sure everything went smoothly with these first two packages. I want to get a good review from the customers. I didn’t want a bad review to reflect negatively on my profile on Mercari. Good seller reviews means you will likely receive more sales since prospective buyers will see the reviews and buy from you.

In the end as I write this article on Tuesday—now that the snowstorm is over, and our driveway has been cleared (thanks to my husband and using the snowblower)—I know that the forecast for tomorrow is better. The sun is supposed to be out. More snow will melt and I’m sure the mail carriers will be back on their routes again.

Now, I need to get back to my decluttering and see what other items I have to list on this great selling app. Sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. Here's my invitation link.

Do you take time during the year to declutter? Have you used the Mercari app before? What was your experience like with the app?


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