Kid’s Corner: Granny Ari & Granny Bri Videos

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Granny Ari & Granny Bri Videos

Animated Bible time videos for kids and adults

by Joanne Troppello

A few months ago, I started a new YouTube Channel, Sunflower Quest because I wanted to provide positive content in today’s insane and surreal world. I have several different playlists for various content like gardening, cooking etc.

One of my favorite playlists are the Granny Ari & Granny Bri videos. The granny characters are based off of my two young nieces (name and characteristics). They have helped me create the different looks and clothing for them for these two videos.

They’ve enjoyed this process and it’s been a fun bonding time for us. The videos are not simply geared toward kids—there’s a message for adults too. However, the content will always be both “grandmothers” sharing Bible study, family-friendly content that your kids can watch.

I’m currently working on a third video which will be released soon. Feel free to check out the first two Granny videos.

Sunflower Quest: Bible Time with Granny Ari & Granny Bri - Peace

Sunflower Quest: Bible Time with Granny Ari & Granny Bri - Psalm 23


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