Latayne’s Corner: Is the Coronavirus Damaging Your Teeth?

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Is the Coronavirus Damaging Your Teeth?

by Dr. Latayne C. Scott and Dr. Beth Robinson

The answer is, yes, probably!

There are several reasons why, according to a dentist named Tammy Chen. In the New York Times, she said she is seeing many more people in recent days than ever before who have cracked teeth. She said it’s due to stress-induced teeth grinding, poor posture from working at home, and insomnia. She advises wearing a dental guard (you can get them in drugstores, for under $20) at night and whenever you find yourself clenching your teeth.

Other dentists are saying they are seeing far more cavities than normal in their patients. Some of this can be because people didn’t leave home for regular cleanings, especially when dentists’ offices were closed. Dentists also blame the wearing of masks for increased tooth decay and gum disease. When you wear a mask, you usually breathe through your mouth, which dries it out. Saliva is necessary to neutralize acid that causes tooth decay.

So what’s the solution? Stay hydrated, brush and floss often, and remind yourself to breathe through your nose as much as possible. You can avoid mouthwashes with alcohol in them (others are made specifically for mouth dryness), and there are also products containing xylitol, such as melting tablets, that can help with dryness.

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