Latayne’s Corner: What Was Katie Hiding?

Latayne's Corner at Mustard Seed Sentinel
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What Was Katie Hiding?

by Dr. Latayne C. Scott and Dr. Beth Robinson

In our book, Protecting Your Child from Predators, we have an example from Dr. Robinson's case files in the chapter "Abuse Using Technology: Unsupervised Access to Technology—Apps."

A mom finds out that her daughter Katie is hiding sexting behind some innocent-looking apps. What would you do, if you were that mom?

Here's a chart with information about apps that may be on YOUR child's phone.

Latayne's Corner at Mustard Seed Sentinel


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Dr. Scott and Dr. Beth Robinson write on health-related subjects and are the authors of Protecting Your Child From Predators: How to Recognize and Respond to Sexual Danger (Bethany, 2019) and the upcoming book Talking with Teens about Sexuality: Critical Conversations about Social Media, Gender Identity, Same-Sex Attraction, Pornography, Purity, Dating, Etc. (Bethany, 2021.)

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