Latayne’s Corner: When Your Kid “Won’t” Do Homework

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When Your Kid “Won’t” Do Homework

by Dr. Latayne C. Scott and Dr. Beth Robinson

Are you a parent who has discovered that your child’s grades are suffering because he or she isn’t turning in homework assignments? Have you tried threats, promises of rewards, tried to keep checking up to see if they’ve done their assignments?

An award-winning teacher, Jody Stallings, recently shared sure-fire strategies to turn that situation around. Will this work? Do you have the courage to do this?

Stallings says in his experience his method will work if you think about the long-term results that will make the short-term tactics worthwhile. But you must follow his plan completely.

1) His first advice is to take away the most important non-living thing your child owns, and keep it for the rest of the nine weeks. In most cases, that would be the child’s phone. If you hide it where it can’t be found (Stallings suggests in a bookshelf; I’d say at a friend’s house), and don’t relent, you’ll send a message that you’re serious.

2) Require that your student sit for 10 minutes per grade level at the kitchen table and work on homework. A seventh grader, then, would work an hour and 10 minutes. Or stare at the walls until the time is up.

3) Restrict all screen time, have your student hand-write papers and do research in a library during free period.

That’s not all. For more details about this method that a teacher guarantees will bring success, read about it here.


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