Life Balance: 3 Reasons Why Being Offended Can Hurt You

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3 Reasons Why Being Offended Can Hurt You

How to Stop Being So Offended All the Time

by J.M. Troppello

Being offended all the time can hurt you. There’s nothing productive that can happen in your life if you are always focused on what other people are ‘doing wrong’ or how ‘they hurt you.’

“To be offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed upon us by someone or something else.” – David A. Bednar

Consider the following reasons why being offended can hurt you.

1. Lost Focus

Being offended all the time will cause you to lose your focus on what’s important. You’ll be too busy thinking about what this person did to you and allowing them to live ‘rent free’ in your head. That will not cultivate positivity and productivity in your life.

2. Living in Anger

Choosing to be offended all the time only enables anger to reign supreme in your life. Consistently living in anger can be harmful to your overall health and well-being. Take care of your spirit, soul, and body. Don’t allow anger to rule your life and cripple those three parts of yourself.

3. Not Embracing Life

When you are constantly focused on being offended, you’re concentrating on drama and nonsense in other people’s lives. Living in a state of continual offense, won’t allow you to embrace life and live in the moment. You won’t be able to experience joy in anything. You’re too focused on being angry and offended. That person who offended you is probably not even giving you a second thought. Don’t think about them either.

How to Stop Being Offended

Of course, you need to deal with your feelings of being offended. If you can, it would be helpful to have a calm and mature conversation with the person who hurt you. However, that may not always be possible. That person may not think they did anything wrong.

Consider the following ways that you can stop being so offended all the time.

1. Changed Mindset

The way you think plays a significant role in how you act in life. If you are constantly bogging yourself down being offended over things and people, you’re living a losing battle. Change your mindset. Focus on living your own best life. Don’t think about the drama that surrounds some people everywhere they go.

2. Choose Peace

Always opt for a peaceful solution. Retaliation over offenses is never a good idea. The other person may not want a peaceful solution. However, you don’t have to become a prisoner to their offense. Choose to live in peace and harmony with yourself—even if they don’t want any part in the reconciliation process. Let them go.

3. Embrace Life

Don’t get stagnated in drama. Choose to practice mindfulness. Be happy for every moment that you’re alive. As long as you are alive, there will always be someone or something who is going to offend you. But you have a choice. You don’t have to give in to the negativity and become stagnated by the offense. Choose to embrace life instead and all the positive people and things around you.

Change Your Thinking

You have a choice each day. You can live as a victor or as a victim. Don’t allow other people’s actions or words to get under your skin and control your own behavior. Change the way you think and start living a better and more productive life.

“An offended heart is the breeding ground of deception.” – John Bevere

Change your mindset. Choose peace. Embrace life.

Those are simple choices to make. Yes, they are not always easy to do. However, when you choose those three pathways, you can free yourself from offense and live a more joyful life.

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