Life Balance: 4 Reasons Why You Should Practice Self-Care

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4 Reasons Why You Should Practice Self-Care

Caring for Yourself So You Can Care for Others

by J.M. Troppello

“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on the earth to offer others.” – Parker Palmer

Self-care is taking care of yourself through a holistic approach to living. You are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. All these parts need to be taken care of so you can thrive, and not simply just survive.

You can promote self-care in your life through eating right, exercising, practicing mindfulness, relieving stress, and feeding your soul and spirit. Consider the following 4 reasons why you should practice self-care.

1. Cycle of Giving

You can’t help others if you are a mess. You need time to relax and destress from the craziness of life. Yes, your life is likely extremely busy. But, if you want to continue to give of yourself to those in your life, you need to take a time out and decompress.

Picture yourself as a glass. This glass is filled to the brim with water. Each day, the glass is poured out a little bit at a time—as you take care of your daily responsibilities and give your time and energy to others.

If that glass is not refilled at some point, there will not be any water left to pour out. That’s the same with your life. If you don’t take the time each day for self-care, you’ll be operating on empty. You won’t be able to continue with the cycle of giving.

2. Overall Wellness

Los Angeles-based wellness expert, Kelsey Patel, wrote the book, Burning Bright: Self-Care to Heal Burnout, Anxiety, and Stress. In her book she wrote:

“People are feeling lonelier and less able to unwind and slow down, which makes them feel more anxious and overwhelmed by even the simplest tasks.”

Start practicing self-care today to improve your overall wellness—body, soul, and spirit. So much information, obstacles, stress, and responsibilities can overwhelm you each day.

Practice self-care activities like the following to decompress daily:

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Coloring

  • Journaling

  • Aromatherapy

  • Take a walk

  • Enjoy nature

  • Taking a bath

  • Aerobic exercise

  • Mindfulness

  • Breathing exercises

  • Eat healthier foods

  • Talk to a close friend

  • Watch inspirational movies

3. Optimized Performance

When all three areas of your life—body, soul, and spirit—are healthy, you will likely perform better both personally and professionally.

Create an action plan for which self-care activity mentioned above is optimal for decompressing in your life. Get an accountability partner who can join you in this journey of learning how to decompress and live a healthier life for more optimized performance.

Keep the lines of communication open with your accountability partner. Be open to change if one or more of the self-care activities you picked don’t feel like a great fit for your life. Try new activities and find out what works best for you.

4. Changed Mindset

Practicing self-care helps to reboot and recharge your mindset. It can help you have the energy and stability to persevere through life’s stressors.

“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it is holy ground. There’s no greater investment.” – Stephen Covey

If you are not used to practicing self-care, be patient with yourself on this journey. It will take time to find which avenues of decompressing work best for your current lifestyle. What works for you now may not work for you in the future.

“There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself.” – Brian Andreas

Start Practicing Self-Care

“Breathe, Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” – Oprah

Start practicing self-care so you can continue the cycle of giving in your life. Practice it to enhance your overall wellness. When you take care of yourself, that can optimize your performance both personally and professionally. Self-care can help to change your mindset and increase your level of achievement each day.

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