Life Balance: 4 Ways Social Media Can Hinder Your Personal Growth

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4 Ways Social Media Can Hinder Your Personal Growth

Don’t Get Sucked into the Negative Vortex of Social Media

by J.M. Troppello

“If you feel the need to constantly post on social media documenting your every move, chances are you’re either addicted to social networking or there is a void somewhere in your personal life.” – Germany Kent

Social media has advantages and disadvantages. I’ve used it to promote my writing. It’s also been an addiction for me and has hindered my productivity. I’ve wasted countless hours getting sucked into the maddening vortex of the social media universe.

That time suck on social media negatively impacted my personal growth and development.

Once I realized how much time I’d wasted on social media, I changed my focus. I started to focus less time on those platforms and spent more time on my writing, with family and friends, and in productive activities.

Get a handle on your investment of time spent on social media before it hinders your own journey of personal growth.

Consider the following ways that your personal growth and development can be hindered by wasting too much time on social media.

1. Jealousy

If you focus too much on what others have and what you don’t have, that can make you jealous. Spend time watering your own grass rather than thinking about how the grass is greener on the other side.

“Many people are unhappy because they believe their life is much worse off than somebody else’s projected image on social media.” – Germany Kent

2. Stagnation

When jealousy takes root in your life, that can cause you to lose hope. That had happened to me. Everyone’s ‘perfect’ life and all their successes they posted online started to make me think I wasn’t as successful.

Maybe your issue with social media isn’t jealousy. You might simply be wasting time or getting into arguments with people through online comments. All these issues cause you to stagnate in your journey of personal growth.

3. Overcompensation

Spending too much time on social media can cause you to overcompensate. This overcorrection can come in the form of going overboard in posting online about how ‘great your life is’—just so you feel good about yourself.

Maybe you might overreact in how you interact with people regarding hot-topic issues. Any time things get out of balance, and you overcompensate in life, other aspects suffer.

4. Distraction

When you’re negatively affected by social media, you likely won’t be able to see clearly the path you should be moving down. You’re too busy scrolling through your newsfeed or interacting negatively with others. That unfocused behavior will not help you move forward productively in life.

Tend to Your Personal Growth

“Pay attention to people, not to your phone.” – Abhijit Naskar

I’m not advocating that you stop spending any time on social media. However, I am suggesting that you evaluate how you are spending your time there—and whether the effects have been positive or negative in your life.

Focus on personal growth and development.

Don’t allow jealousy, becoming stagnant, giving in to overcompensation, or getting unfocused to derail your life. Start cultivating positivity and productivity in your life.

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