Life Balance: How Apps Can Alleviate Work and Life Stress

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How Apps Can Alleviate Work and Life Stress

by Eleanor Wyatt

Technologically savvy and industrious people know that there’s no reason we can’t work flexible hours, in flexible locations. Technology not only makes it possible, but today’s apps can actually help you be more productive while working fewer hours and can even help you alleviate stress. In fact, merely working from home has been tied to reduced stress. Apps make it far easier to remain connected even with remote work. Mustard Seed Sentinel invites you to read on to learn more.

Practical apps

Fortunately, remote workers no longer have to rely solely on email and telephone calls for collaboration. You can now select from a plethora of collaboration platforms that even small business owners can afford (especially the free ones!), including some that incorporate videoconferencing, for both desktop systems and handheld devices.

If you’re the type of entrepreneur who likes to have a continuous pulse on your business finances, there are plenty of apps to help you do that, as well. Timekeeping apps help project managers track employee and project time regardless of whether employees are working in the office, from home, or are out in the field, ensuring that projects stay on track and on budget and that payroll gets done accurately and on time.

If you personally have a tough time staying on top of all of your daily tasks, whether personal or professional, consider installing an app that can not only track your tasks, but help you make the best use of your time. It’s stressful enough when you forget a business-related task, but the guilt you’ll feel if you forget to buy dog food will exponentially add to that stress! A trip and travel planning app can streamline both your business and personal travel.

If you’re a business owner, there are many apps that can help you market and brand your business. For instance, using Instagram in your marketing efforts is a terrific way to get customers aware of your brand. Speaking of branding, if you want to redesign your company’s logo, use a free logo maker online. This type of app allows you to choose from thousands of professionally created templates to design a customized logo.

Apps that improve your well-being

Simplifying and reorganizing your professional life is only one layer of the entrepreneurial strata. A pressure to succeed, whether self-imposed, brought by investors and partners, or customers nervous about their system security, can slowly chip away at your mental health while you’re too preoccupied to notice.

You may have to accept that the pressure exists, but you don’t have to accept its negative effects and control over your health. Stress management apps offer everything from mindful meditation and breathing exercises, to tips and aids designed to facilitate healthy sleeping patterns. You can also learn yoga poses and research-based stress management techniques.

Stress can work behind the scenes to erode your well-being. Fortunately, you can address the stress you feel and ease your day-to-day with some helpful apps whether you’re looking to streamline your business, need help with time management, or find new ways to relax.


About the Author

Eleanor Wyatt is a workplace wellness expert and writer. She created Remote Work Wellness to provide advice to the growing remote workforce. She thinks it’s essential that people who work remotely be proactive about their health, and that’s what her site is all about.