Lifestyle: How to Find a Work Life Balance

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Lifestyle: How to Find a Work Life Balance

by Joanne Troppello

Being social is good for your emotional and physical health. Now this “social” behavior is interacting with others face-to-face—not spending time on social media.

A recent Gallop poll showed that the weekends are the happiest times for most people. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Most times, the weekends mean no work.

That same poll found that people who spent a quarter of their daily hours with friends and family were 12 x as likely to experience happiness instead of anxiety or stress.

Sounds simple to me. Spend less time working and more time with family and friends. However, less time at work won’t pay the bills. So, what is the answer?

Finding a Work Life Balance

If you work from home and set your own hours like I do, it’s easier to find a work life balance. However, if you don’t work at home, it’s important to find that precious work life balance. Consider implementing some of the following tips into your lifestyle and daily routine.

1. Change Your Priorities

We all have so many tasks to complete each day. Work, family, and other responsibilities. If you want to find a work life balance, you may need to change your priorities.

If you write to-do lists like me, consider the following categories to add your tasks to. If you don’t write such lists, maybe you might want to start.

· High Priority – These tasks must get done ASAP

· Important – Tasks on this list are important but not crucial

· Necessary – You need to get these tasks done, but not right away

· Not Urgent – These are tasks you want to get done when you have the time

Putting your daily tasks down on paper can help you to see what your priorities are and what things you’re trying to get done each day that could be put off until tomorrow.

2. Know Yourself Well

Some people are morning people like my husband. I’m a night owl and work better in the afternoons and evenings. I need more time to get started each day. Finding that work life balance begins with knowing yourself well and identifying which part of the day you operate at full capacity.

Now, your boss might not care whether you’re a morning person or evening person—but, it’s good for you to know. This way, you can modify certain behaviors to help yourself work better throughout the day.

For example, if you’re not a morning person, maybe you need to drink caffeine and start your day with exercise. I start my day with morning Bible reading, then exercise, and then breakfast. I get headaches from caffeine, so I can’t use that to give me energy like many people can.

Morning people sometimes start to lag later in the day. Bring healthy snacks like trail mix, apple and peanut butter, popcorn, or veggies and hummus. These snacks can give you an energy boost and help you concentrate better until work is over for the day.

3. Take Time for Yourself

Work Life Balance at Mustard Seed Sentinel
Credit: Fabian Moller

Make sure you take time each day for yourself. This may be difficult, especially if you are a busy parent.

However, it’s extremely important. Do something you love. Find a hobby or start doing yoga and pilates.

4. Maintain Set Work Hours

If possible, it’s important to maintain the same work hours each week to improve work life balance. Of course, that’s not always possible. Some people have to work overtime, like my husband—and his hours are different each day. This work schedule is not conducive to a great work life balance.

For people who work from home, this can be very difficult—especially if you don’t have a set place to work from like a home office.

5. Effectively Manage Finances

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the top stressors in the lives of Americans are personal finances and the current economic climate. Reviewing your family or personal budget and how well or not well you’re doing financially can help you find a better work life balance.

You can identify whether or not you need to work more hours or if you can start working less and spend more time with family and friends. Find ways to trim your expenses so you can be less stressed.

We cut some expenses by cutting the cord and cancelled our cable. We got an antenna to get local channels and only pay $20 a month plus tax for Philo to stream cable channels.

6. Talk to Your Manager

Depending on your workplace culture and environment, you may be able to discuss with your manager having a better work life balance. The following companies have an excellent work life balance:

· Overstock

· Starbucks

· Expedia

· Costco

· U-Haul

· Aflac

· Nevro

· Inyuit

You may want to discuss how you can improve your work area by getting an ergonomic chair and sit-stand station. Many companies have realized that helping their employees maintain a better work life balance can result in happier employees—who are more productive.

7. Work at a Job You Love

This may not be possible for everyone. However, if you can find a job that you love to do, you’ve found something wonderful—that can positively affect your work life balance.

You can control the happiness level in your life. You cannot control your circumstances, but you can control how you react to situations and respond to people. Are you happy in your life? What do you do to increase your happiness levels?


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