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Top 4 Reasons to Use the SimpliSafe Security System

by Joanne Troppello

Did you know that there is 1 burglary every 13 seconds and approximately 2.5 million burglaries occur each year in the US?

There are various security systems that you can get for your home. Some include ADT, Brinks Home Security, SimpliSafe, Protect America, Guardian, and Ring.

Years ago, we had the Guardian system and liked it. However, that was ten years ago and before these systems were linked to apps like they are today.

For some years after that, we didn’t have an alarm system due to budgetary reasons. You can read how we safeguarded our home when we couldn’t afford a home security system.

Recently, we purchased the SimpliSafe security system and love it. We like this system because of the following reasons:

  • Simple Installation Process

  • No Annoying Contracts

  • Low Monthly Costs

  • Dependable 24/7 Monitoring

Benefits of the SimpliSafe Security System

If you don’t have an alarm system yet and it’s in your budget to get one, consider the following four reasons why we recommend the SimpliSafe security system.

1. Simple Installation Process

The installation process is simple, and my husband set it up in our apartment in under an hour—and that’s because he is a diligent instruction reader. It probably could have been installed even more quickly. No special tools are needed when installing this system.

Since the system is wireless, you don’t have to worry about any hard wiring in your home. It can be easily installed and taken down—for example, we’ll have an easy time taking the equipment down when we move into our new home.

The SimpliSafe PDF Installation Guide is user-friendly and discusses instructions for the core devices like the base station and keypad, as well as instructions for installing other devices, and how to activate the monitoring system.

2. No Annoying Contracts

When we had the Guardian security system, we had to have a contract with them.

One benefit of the SimpliSafe security system is that there is no monthly or annual contract. You won’t have to be locked in for a year like other alarm companies require from customers.

3. Low Monthly Costs

Another benefit is the low monthly costs. You can get the standard home monitoring for $14.99/month. However, if you want to use the app to manage the system, you will need to upgrade to the $24.99/month package.

You can set the app to alert you when motion is detected by any cameras you have installed or when doors or windows are opened etc. (This pricing is as of January).

The cost for equipment is one-time only and you can customize your package and buy only what you need. For example, we have a smaller apartment and only needed two door sensors, a video camera, and some window sensors.

Some prices for equipment include the following:

  • Entry Sensor: $14.99

  • Smoke Detector: $29.99

  • Motion Sensor: $29.99

  • Water Sensor: $19.99

  • Glass-Break Sensor: $34.99

  • Video Doorbell Pro: $169

They were offering a special for the month of November when we ordered the system and we got a good discount, plus a free video camera. They don’t have outside cameras right now. However, you can get the outdoor camera kit for a low cost to protect the camera for outdoor use.

Additionally, the camera has a metal shutter which closes if you are home with your family and don’t want to be monitored—and can be protected if the system got hacked and no one can see through the camera.

4. Dependable 24/7 Monitoring

You don’t need a land line since the SimpliSafe security system utilizes cellular monitoring. So, you don’t have to worry about an intruder cutting any landlines that you do have. There is dependable 24/7 monitoring with their central monitoring stations.

You can set up monitoring—with the right sensors—to monitor for fire, flooding, and carbon monoxide, in addition to the regular security protection.

If there was one month when you had to cancel the monitoring, you could do that easily and still keep your system armed to scare intruders off. Then you can easily set up the monitoring service again when the money is in your monthly budget.

Do you have a security system protecting your home? Which one do you have and why do you like it?


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