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Top 10 Reasons Why I Love the Blaze and Blaze TV

by Joanne Troppello

My husband and I have been subscribers to Blaze TV for years since it started on September 12, 2011 and we’ve loved the programming. I have learned so much from watching the shows—you get the unvarnished truth and the facts.

You can read my article, How a Republican Became a Libertarian After Listening to Glenn Beck for an in-depth look at how my life changed by becoming a subscriber to Blaze TV.

I highly recommend this educational online magazine and streaming platform and wanted to share the Top 10 reasons why I love the Blaze and Blaze TV—and why I think you’d love to become a subscriber as well.

Top 10 Reasons to Read the Blaze and Subscribe to Blaze TV

1. No Fake News

Fake news is running rampant destroying our country and causing so much needless division. If the fake news media didn’t share lies and their liberal agenda, people would know what’s really going on—and wouldn’t be reacting to lies they’ve heard.

2. The Truth Matters

I love watching shows on Blaze TV because the hosts follow the truth, no matter where the facts lead—even if it’s not good for their “side”. Better still, they don’t focus on sides like how our nation is divided into sides.

They focus on finding the truth and sharing it for the benefit of trying to bring our country back together.

As John 8:32 says, Then, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. Jesus was sharing about how if we hold to His teaching, we are really His disciples.

I share this verse because in relation to all aspects of life, finding the truth truly does set you free. I’ve learned so much truth from reading The Blaze and watching Blaze TV that I wouldn’t have gotten from other media sources—not even from watching Fox News.

3. Can’t Miss Specials

There are can’t miss specials that you get the opportunity to watch as a Blaze TV subscriber. One great special that was released on November 13, 2019 was Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats’ Hydra.

Another important special was Glenn Beck Special—Socialism: A Warning from the Dead. They post some of their content on their YouTube channel, which you can watch for free.

Check out their video on socialism.

4. Great Programming

Blaze TV recently merged with CRTV on December 3, 2018. They joined forces to continue to bring forth the truth and facts.

There is so much great programming on Blaze TV such as some of my favorite shows like:

  • The Glenn Beck Radio Program

  • The News & Why It Matters

  • The Glenn Beck Podcast

  • LevinTV

  • In the Woods with Phil

  • Pat Gray Unleashed

  • The Rubin Report

5. Truth with Vision

I admit that sometimes I’ve watched programming like Glenn Beck’s Radio Show and have gotten a bit depressed by the reality that he talks about. However, he always shares the truth with vision.

He shares ideas on how we can truly make our country great again by getting back to the basics and what really matters—like God, family, freedom, hard work, dreaming big, and our Constitution.

6. Spiritual Truths

I enjoy programming on this streaming service that shares spiritual truths like In the Woods with Phil. The Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson shares his spiritual wisdom and tries to encourage people to read God’s Word and turn back to Him. His wisdom and long-time Christian faith are inspiring.

As a long-time listener of the Glenn Beck Radio Program, I love how he shares spiritual truths as well. We may differ in some aspects of theology.

However, I can totally agree with his desire to show people the need to turn back to God. We need to renew our covenant with Him again, if we want this country to truly be great again.

7. Lots of Laughs

You will definitely laugh while you are being educated on the facts that matter.

There have been so many times I’ve laughed while watching the Glenn Beck Radio Program—as Stu Burguiere dressed up as Hillary Clinton or some other character.

I’ve laughed whenever Glenn, Stu, Pat, and Jeffy were all on air at the same time.

Laughter makes it easier to digest the hard facts that we need to hear if we want to do something to stop our country from heading over the cliff into disaster.

8. Excellent Op-Eds and Reporting

If you haven’t yet read any articles at The Blaze, you are missing out on great content.

One of my favorite contributors is Samantha Sullivan. She has written excellent opinion pieces like “The Media Has Overplayed its Hand in Trying to Remove Trump”.

You know that when you go to The Blaze, you will find excellent reporting sharing the news and information based on the facts. You’ll find opinion pieces that will make you think and question you own views.

9. Gets You Thinking

Whether you’re reading an article or op-ed on The Blaze or watching a show on Blaze TV, you will have to engage your critical thinking skills. That’s a good thing.

If we don’t know why we believe what we believe, how can we ever defend our beliefs to others. I have grown so much as a person simply by subscribing to Blaze TV. I have learned how to dig deeper and do my own homework, as Glenn always urges viewers to do.

I’ve learned to back up my opinions with facts and how to communicate my ideas better. I’ve realized that yes, I am a Republican, but I have beliefs that line up more with Libertarian viewpoints.

10. New Connections

One final reason is perhaps the best.

I actually made a connection with someone who called in to the Glenn Beck evening TV program. This fellow Blaze TV subscriber called in when Glenn opened the line for callers.

She was discouraged about wanting to connect with other like-minded individuals and asked for thoughts on how to break through to a bigger audience.

I had been going through a similar struggle. At that time, it was August 2018 and my magazine was called Pandora’s Box Gazette. We hadn’t yet rebranded and changed our name to Mustard Seed Sentinel. I wanted to break through and find a bigger audience for my online content as well.

While that caller was still on the phone with Glenn, he asked for her website. She shared that with the audience, and I did an online search and located her site and contact information.

I contacted Pamela J. Adams, author and publisher of The Facts Paper, where evidence combats fake news. We connected through email and in addition to her excellent writing on The Facts Paper, she now writes a monthly column for my magazine.

We also connected on Twitter and both have seen exponential growth in our connections on social media.

Her column gets a lot of traffic each month as she shares important, educational information in her I Never Heard That articles.

You can read her latest column, I Never Heard That: A Moment of Peace During World War I. “Let's not lose the true meaning of Christmas because of our own, personal wars.”

Please check out her website, The Facts Paper for more information about her and her work.

You Won’t Regret Subscribing

My husband and I do not regret subscribing to Blaze TV and you won’t regret subscribing either.

Check out which Blaze TV subscription plan is best suited for you. They have a monthly pass, annual pass, or 3-year pass.

If you read The Blaze or are a Blaze TV subscriber, feel free to share with our readers reasons why you love their content.


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