Meghan’s Corner: Ice Scream, You Scream

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Ice Scream, You Scream

by Meghan E. White

We all scream for ice cream! It’s still officially summer and still quite hot in most of the U.S. You need ice cream. I need ice cream. We all need ice cream, except for the lactose intolerant. But hey, there are really great alternatives now so all can partake. There’s something about an ice cream sandwich that brings joy. You’ve got cookies and ice cream together. That’s a win-win. I have so many memories involving ice cream.

Growing up in Southern California the summer’s were pretty hot. On a rare summer evening, my mom would boycott cooking dinner and make ice cream sundaes instead. She would buy all the fun toppings like hot fudge and whipped cream. The pineapple topping my mom loved was a big NO for me. Thankfully, Mom let us kids make our own sundaes. It’s a child’s dream come true to have dessert for dinner.

My strongest ice cream memories from childhood are of the ice cream truck. As soon as we heard the music we grabbed our change, and ran to the truck as we waved the driver down. If the ice cream truck drove past us, we would run after it. We didn’t know when we’d see that truck again. We couldn’t miss our chance. This was serious business, and lots of fun for all the neighborhood kids.

Birthdays in our house usually meant a small family party. Some years we were allowed to invite friends. My eighth or ninth birthday I went to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. That was a really big deal. We got the Zoo Party. I’m not sure if Farrell’s still exists, but it was themed like the early 1900’s. It was THE place to go for birthdays, and I loved it. The Zoo Party was a huge silver bowl filled with all kinds of ice cream, and toppings. Little plastic animals decorated the top. The entire restaurant stopped everything to deliver the Zoo Party. Such a great memory.

Ice cream can bring the kid out in all of us. It’s important to be a kid sometimes or at least have fun with the kids in your life. Make these simple ice cream sandwiches for a fun treat. May they bring a smile to your face and some joy to your heart.

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

Happy eating!

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Ice Cream Sandwiches

1. Make your favorite chocolate chip cookies and cool completely.

2. Take a cookie and place about an ice cream scoop sized amount of ice cream on it. Spread out the ice cream evenly with a knife. Top with another cookie of the same size and gently press together.

3. Wrap each sandwich individually in plastic wrap and place in the freezer.

4. Repeat this process until you’re done.


1. Slightly underbake your cookies. They need to be soft not crisp.

2. Wrap each sandwich right away, and place them in an airtight container in the freezer.

3. Don’t let the ice cream get too soft. Use firm ice cream. If you don’t, it will melt.

4. Match up evenly sized cookies before you begin assembly of the sandwiches.

5. Coat the edge in sprinkles or mini chocolate chips if you’d like.

6. Assemble the sandwiches in small batches. Pop the ice cream back in the freezer in between batches, so it doesn't get too soft.

7. Press cookies gently, otherwise they will break or crumble.


About the Author

Meghan was born in Southern California where she spent most of her youth. After several moves during her childhood, she ended up in Oregon, where she stayed for many years. Meghan never dreamed of being a writer, but God told her to write about Joey. After a few years of writing, it was time for a change of scenery. So, Meghan, her husband, and two sons picked up and moved to Texas. If you listen close you might catch her saying “Ya’ll” from time to time. She loves encouraging kids and adults through writing.

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