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Innocence – Soaring Angels

by Joanne Troppello

This poem was based off my impressions of my memories and looking at a photo of one of my dance recitals when I was five years old. I loved to dance. At one point, my dance instructor paired me to dance with the only boy in our class during practices and the recital.

I was not happy with that. I don’t remember everything, but I do remember sharing with my mom that I didn’t want to be in dance class anymore. In hindsight, I wish I would have stuck with it, but that didn’t happen.


Soaring angels

Angels soar in Heaven’s vast skies.

She makes her debut against a blue backdrop on stage.

Arms extended. Pointed toes. Her pirouette covers the stage.

Sheer white ruffles flutter as her dainty waist turns in circles.

Blue eyes search the audience, looking for her center.

She smiles. Her parents watch from the third row.

White leotard and tights shimmer under intense spotlight.

Silk flowers crown her light blonde curls.

A graceful leap. The little cherub dances on tip toes.

Lights dim and the music stops as her curtsy ends her debut.

She smiles sweetly as she flutters happily off stage.

Angels soar in Heaven’s vast skies.

© Joanne Troppello

Did you ever start something as a child—like a sport or hobby—then stop it, and now wish you would have continued?


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