Millennials: 21st Century’s Version of Stalin’s Useful Idiots

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Millennials: 21st Century’s Version of Stalin’s Useful Idiots

by Pamela J. Adams

A 2016 study revealed a third of millennials believe former President George Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin. In fact, 75% are oblivious that communist governments have slaughtered over 100 million people. Unfortunately, this ignorance of history is completely by design and a tool used by Stalin himself.

Liberal progressives within our education system have been actively scrubbing Communist Russia, Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, and their dangerous ideologies from our history books for decades. They have already succeeded in removing Stalin and other communist dictators as recent polls revealed. As a result, 58% of millennials surveyed in 2017 would rather live under socialism, communism, or fascism as opposed to capitalism, believing they are superior systems.

Stalin initially joined forces with Adolf Hitler leading up to World War II. Since Stalin massacred his own people and starved millions of Ukrainians, he saw no problem with Hitler, even returning Jews to him that had sought refuge in Russia. Stalin’s breaking point only came after Hitler invaded parts of the U.S.S.R. The Soviet Union quickly changed sides and cooperated with the Allies to defeat him.

Following the war, the Allies, consisting of the Soviet Union, England, France and the United States, divided control of Germany. Each received a section of the country to occupy. The capital of Berlin was also divided despite its location 100 miles in communist territory. Therefore, Western Allies needed to travel through East Germany to deliver supplies to their portion of the capital.

With the Cold War well on its way, Stalin began the Berlin Blockade in June of 1948. He stopped all provisions, including food and fuel, sent to West Berlin from the Allies via car, truck, or train. Wanting to presser the Allies into buying supplies from him, he risked the lives of 2 million West Berliners in a humanitarian war to gain complete control of the city.

Unable to interrupt air travel, the Allies organized The Berlin Airlift within days in which planes delivered food, supplies, and fuel around the clock to West Berlin. The campaign was so successful it became embarrassing to Stalin, forcing him to stop the embargo after 11 months. The whole event caused the Allies to separate Germany into two distinct states as opposed to occupied territories.

Stalin now had the freedom he wanted over East Germany, minus West Berlin. However, for his communist Utopia to succeed in Germany, Stalin had to keep citizens confined. They had to be forced to remain to work in Stalin’s factories instead of migrating to free market West Germany.

In 1949, Stalin built fencing, ditches, and traps, called the “Inner German Boarder.” This “wall” separated the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) from the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). The wall completely encircling West Berlin, known as the "Berlin Wall," began construction in 1960.

While Western Germany flourished, Eastern Germany deteriorated and became desolate. Buildings fell apart. Supplies were highly regulated and controlled. Jobs were scarce and working conditions were deplorable.

The East Germany government only allowed one car in the state, the government built Trabant. It came in any color you wanted, but they all resembled pale blue. East Germans were on a waiting list up to two decades to own one of the most non-environmentally friendly and worst overall cars ever produced, resulting in available used Trabants becoming more expensive than new ones. At the same time, West Germans rebuilt BMW after several setbacks, including losing their factory in Eisenach to the East. Ask any millennial which brand they’ve heard of or would want to own and that tells you all you need to know about communism and capitalism.

Republican President Ronald Reagan traveled to Germany in June of 1987 and boldly declared, "Gorbachev, tear down this wall." When the wall fell 2 years later, East Germans rushed the boarder to the freedom in the west. Many citizens drove their Trabants to the “walls” and abandoned them before crossing the barriers into freedom. They could not get out of communist German and away from its oppressive policies fast enough. If millennials knew any of this, they would be running too.

During his 30-year reign, Stalin killed an estimated 20 million of his own people but it could be as high as 60 million. As accurate records were not kept, no one knows for sure.

Stalin lied to and manipulated people, especially young people, to do his will. He called them "useful idiots." Liberal progressives are doing the same thing to millennials. They are using these trusting and unsuspecting “useful idiots” to push forth an agenda they know Americans would reject if aware of it. Progressives are purposely keeping our youth ignorant so they will agree to whatever “solution” they suggest to America’s problems.

Not only do liberal progressives have to hide the truth about Stalin’s communism, they willfully and purposely lie about Trump’s patriotism.

The same millennials who know nothing of communist history criticize President Donald Trump for wanting to build a wall on the Mexican boarder having no idea they are condemning him for doing what one of their heroes did 60 years ago. However, the purposes for Stanlin's and Trump's walls are polar opposites and an honest study of both expose the obvious contrasts between communism and freedom.

Stalin built his wall to control Germans. He used the wall to hold them captive. During the Cold War, East Germany killed almost 900 citizens just daring to try to escape from their communist prison they called home.

Trump wants to build a wall to keep Americans safe as people flood here, almost always fleeing from socialism, to take advantage of capitalism. Stalin’s wall restricted Eastern Germans from the West. Trump’s wall is not to prevent immigration but to ensure we know exactly who’s coming in.

There are people trying to cross our border who have ill intent and Trump's objective is to protect US citizens from these criminals. Millions of Americans agree we just want everyone to come legally through the front door.

Evidence confirms ISIS members have already crossed unchecked borders. They are already here. Without knowledge of where these terrorists are, every military base, public event, festival, marathon, school, Christmas Party, mall, gay bar and gathering that you, your family, and your friends attend is a potential target. Open borders, as the Democrats want, would undoubtedly escalate terrorist attacks exponentially as sleeper cells anticipate their orders to strike. This should be a concern for all Americans regardless of party affiliation.

While there is a portion coming here with malicious desires, many risk death by their own government to escape the horrors of communism. Likewise, others break the law and risk imprisonment, death, sex slavery and indebtedness to drug lords for the chance to enter the glories of America’s liberty. This revelation alone should scream volumes to millennials. If America was as awful as they believe it is, why are so many risking so much to get here?

The recent poll is a wake up call to us all. If our children are not taught the barbarity and evil that comes with socialist and communist regimes, they will gladly embrace them.

We, as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, must educate our youth ourselves. After honest study, millennials will discover communism is actually what they are fighting against. It's up to us to help them learn the truth as we all know the public education system will never do it.

But that's just my 2 cents.


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