Natural Living Tips: Essential Oils 1 - Body Sprays and Roller Bottles

Essential Oils at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Natural Living Tips: Essential Oils 1 - Body Sprays and Roller Bottles

by Joanne Troppello

I love using essential oils. They are beneficial in improving your mood when you use lemon or orange essential oil in a diffuser, as a body spray, or in a roller bottle. Lavender, patchouli, and clove essential oils are beneficial separately or together as a great combination to diffuse at night to help you fall asleep more quickly and sleep better.

I use essential oils to make natural body sprays. You add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a small spray bottle (I like using glass ones), ¾ bottle full of water, and ¼ of the bottle filled with witch hazel—which is a natural astringent.

I make roller bottles with a few drops of essential oils and the rest is filled with a carrier oil like grapeseed oil. Other carrier oils are olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil.

I made a video sharing how I made these body sprays and roller bottles and shared a bunch of photos depicting the process.

Sunflower Quest: Essential Oils 1 - Body Sprays and Roller Bottles

I love lavender to diffuse at night and lemon or orange to diffuse during the day. I use peppermint oil when I have headaches.

Do you use essential oils? Which is your favorite oil?


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