News Corner: What is MxM News?

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What is MxM News?

Curated News Cutting Through Censorship

by J.M. Troppello

I’m a subscriber to BlazeTV. I heard about the MxM News app on Glenn Beck’s Radio Program today when Glenn Beck spoke to Donald Trump, Jr., co-founder of MxM News. Trump, jr. shared that this app was created to bypass the liberal, Silicon Valley algorithm that curates the news you see on search engines like Google and Microsoft Edge. He wanted to create a news platform that aggregates news for users in a way that doesn’t “feed” them content that the liberal algorithm is programmed to deliver. Former spokesperson for former President Donald J. Trump, Taylor Budowich is a co-founder of the MxM News app.

“MxM News delivers curated news that cuts through the censorship, mainstream media bias, and institutional dominance that has left society divided and misinformed.”

The founders created this platform to allow “readers to access the news that matters, particularly when it is being ignored. Updated minute-by-minute with news coverage from a diversity of publications and topics, readers have one stop to be informed and stay informed.”

I downloaded the app and then selected which categories of news I wanted to be curated in my news feed. After checking through my news feed, I noticed that content showed up from news sites on all sides of the political spectrum. Some of those sites included the following: ABC, CNBC, YouTube, Axios, Fox News, Daily Wire, Politico, Breitbart, Associated Press, Reuters, Vice, Bloomberg, USA Today, Washington Post, and The Washington Free Beacon.

I still need to use the app more to see if the curation remains unbiased. However, it looks good, and I think I’ll enjoy using this app.

The creative team from Telegraph – Cliff Sims, BJ Ellis, and Seth Griffin – assisted in the development of the MxM news app. You can visit the MxM News website for more details. The app is available for free in both the Apple and Google Play stores.


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