Poetry Corner: Beethoven

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Symphony No. 3 ES—Major, OP.55 “Eroica”

by Joanne Troppello

Concert hall filled with pleasantries.

Silk and satin shimmer.

Crisp bow ties rest on white.

Light everywhere.

Silence as Alfred Scholz rises to center stage.

London Festival Orchestra brings the Master to life.

His energy. His flair. His elegance.

The Master gave life to Eroica.

Eroica gives life to him.

Sweet strains flow soothing ruffled emotions and weary souls.

Eroica erupts energetically from 1st movement to 2nd and 3rd and

4th, charming all in the hall.

Music of the waltz rises and falls in its own cadence.

Harsh, then soft.

Burning the soul with fire.

Faster now, faster now.

Eyes are glued to the orchestra as they make magic this night.

Alfred Scholz waves his arms as if in a maniacal spasm.

He leads his flutes, cellos, violins, and cymbals into harmony.

Harsh percussion drowns out the sweet sound of harp and flute.

Flute whispers again.

Eroica is gone.

© Joanne Troppello


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