Poetry Corner: Hope in Exile

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Hope in Exile

Covered in grace

I know You have plans for me

to fill my life with hope,

but I cannot seem to see

any light helping me cope.

I understand Your desire

to fill my life with grace,

but I feel no spark or fire,

filling my once happy face.

Oh, my dear Lord, You have said

that I will be blessed

and spiritually fed.

Yet I cannot find any rest.

I know I should call on You

and pray with my whole heart,

but that’s something I can’t do

since I’m falling apart.

Softly You whisper

Dear child of mine,

try to call upon Me.

With My Word align.

Grace will be your preserver.

My direction you’ll see,

© Joanne Troppello


About the Author

Joanne Troppello

Joanne Troppello is an author, writer, and poet. She is the publisher of the online Christian lifestyle magazine, Mustard Seed Sentinel.

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