Poetry Corner: I Wait by the River, Poem Based on Habakkuk 2:17-20

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I Wait by the River, Poem Based on Habakkuk 2:17-20

by Joanne Troppello

I Wait by the River

Habakkuk 2:17-20 (NIV)

I wait by the river, a silence in my soul.

I heard and my heart pounded,

my lips quivered at the sound.

I wait by the river, without peace in my soul.

Decay crept into my bones,

and my legs trembled.

I wait by the river, speaking peace from my soul.

Yet I will wait patiently,

though the fig tree does not bud.

The river calls me deeper, I seek peace more.

There are no grapes on the vines,

and the olive crop fails.

The river calls to me, beckoning, I seek peace.

Though the fields produce no food,

and there are no sheep in the pen.

The river calls me, draws me, I need peace.

No cattle are in the stalls,

yet I will rejoice in the Lord.

I step into the river, and joyful peace comes.

I will be joyful in God my Savior,

the sovereign, my strength.

I wade in the river, rejoicing, peaceful.

My feet feel like the feet of a deer,

He enables me into new heights.

I immerse in the river,

peace in my soul.

© Joanne Troppello


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