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Poetry Corner: Our Pit and Our Escape

Poetry Corner at Mustard Seed Sentinel
Credit: Josh Boot at

Poetry Corner: Our Pit and Our Escape

by Lu S.

Lu S. is a guest poet at Mustard Seed Sentinel today. She recently took my challenge to write an abecedarian poem, where the first letter of each line starts with letters of the alphabet in consecutive order.

About Lu’s Poem

I took this challenge and wrote something on the subject of REGRETS. Also, I want to give the dedication to Roby Duke (*at lines I borrowed). He was a musician whose music changed my life back in the early 80’s. I listened to his album titled NOT THE SAME (1982) while writing this.

My story is this…I was raised in a Christian home, walked into my early adult life and away from Jesus. For five years I did my own thing. In 1975, I married and not to a Christian.

One day, I felt so hopeless. I came back to Jesus through others that I worked with—one was gentle and one not so gentle, but with prodding. The Star Wars Movie played a huge part in the “dark to light” theme. I saw the movie 7 times. Each time, I felt the tug of God to come back to Him. The coworker asked me if I ever “missed Jesus”? The rest is history.

Thank you for this suggestion. It’s good to remember our pit and our escape.

Our Pit and Our Escape

Always doing my own thing led me to the pit (Psalm 40:1-3)

but later brought me back to a reality with Jesus again.

Could it be He could forgive me?

Do what you got to do Lord. *

Everything otherwise is meaningless.

Foolishly giving myself away to others.

Guilt feelings are so huge.

How can He love me this much though?

I don’t it for real?

Jesus, I give myself to you, as I am.

Keep me on my face before you always.

Look into my heart filled with so much sin.

Make this heart like new. *

Never let me hide from You the things inside. *

Only looking up from the view inside the pit gives clarity of His grace.

Please make me a light in this dark world.

Quietly lead me out of my sin Lord.

Rested in Your love. *

Such have died for me.

Truly You care and listen to my cry.

Unless the Lord makes the change it just won’t stick.

Victory in Jesus is my new song.

Wrong was I for so long.

X-ray my motives God.

You have saved me from myself.

Zeal for your kingdom now consumes me.


About the Poet

Poetry Corner at Mustard Seed Sentinel
Credit: Aaron Burden at

I am 64 years old and have been married for 45 years. I have one grown son, age 28. He is a musician and works in the travel industry. My hubby is a retired engineer specializing in the metallurgical field.

I was a sales secretary to start and then went into inside sales related to steel. I retired early and raised our son and was a Bible study group leader for 12 years.

I submitted a short story that was used in “Reflections from McNally’s Mirror” 2013 Cantrell, Fernandez, Aiello.

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