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Piano Lessons via Zoom During a Pandemic

by Lori A. Motto

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato

“Baby shark, do do do do do do….”

This was the very first song my daughter learned in her first piano lesson class through, and she’s played it about a thousand times since then, each time, her confidence in her ability growing.

Since Arianna was a toddler, she has tried to play the piano, making up songs and learning little melodies we teach her. I’ve wanted to enroll Arianna in piano lessons for some time now, but the pandemic changed my plans.

When my sister enrolled my daughter in a Piano Pass trial period through, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found out that offers live online lessons over video conferencing. Since Zoom has been a major part of Arianna’s education since last March, I knew she was comfortable with the platform and learning over technology, so we gave it a go.

Arianna had her first piano lesson two weeks ago. She has had two additional lessons since then, with another scheduled for this afternoon. For the first class, Arianna was super excited but also nervous. The teacher made her feel comfortable by welcoming her and finding out a bit about her level of skill.

They went on to learn the beginning notes for the first line of the Baby Shark song, as well as trying out a few chords with the other hand as the class progressed. The teacher was sweet and encouraging, allowing the students the chance to share what they learned if they felt comfortable, but did not push them if they wished not to share. The class flowed at a good pace for a Beginner Piano class. Thirty minutes was just the right amount of time for a beginner.

In Arianna’s second class, they started to learn a song from Moana. This class had the same teacher but some additional children, including children who were beginners, to some who seem to have been playing piano for some time. Kudos to the teacher for being able to adjust the song and lesson to all levels, providing a basic melody, or additional chords depending on each child’s level.

In the third class, this was a larger hour-long Piano for Kids class. We began the class but realized that this was a bit over Arianna’s skill level, so we decided to stick with the 30 minute Beginner Piano for Kids class for now.

Arianna has practiced on her own the songs she’s learned and has “performed” them for me as well as for family and friends over video chat so many times. To see the excitement on her face as she is learning a new skill she enjoys is heartwarming, especially to see my late grandmother’s piano in use again.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

I am thankful my sister found and that we can move forward with piano lessons during this pandemic in a safe way over video conferencing. I also appreciate the fact that the lessons are live and interactive instead of just videos to watch.

In the short time Arianna has been taking the piano lessons, I can already see the joy it brings her during this hard time. I am actually planning to continue Arianna’s piano lessons with after the trial period, as well as enrolling my younger daughter as well.

I would recommend, and not only for piano. It appears they have many different instruments and voice lessons, as well as other art and language lessons they offer. They have lessons on different days and times of the week that can fit into most schedules, and they offer private lessons as well.

If you are looking for an interactive, flexible, and fun way to learn something new for yourself or your children during this pandemic, try


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Lori A Motto at Mustard Seed Sentinel

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