Resources for How Church Families Can Support Seniors

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Resources for How Church Families Can Support Seniors

by Eleanor Wyatt

Church families are fantastic for keeping the community well-cared for and can be particularly helpful for keeping seniors from feeling isolated. The pandemic was particularly hard on seniors who had to be careful about contracting the virus; seniors are already more prone to feeling isolated, so the pandemic likely contributed to even more adverse mental health conditions such as depression for lonely seniors.

The following valuable resources can help church community members perform health check-ins with seniors as we come out of the pandemic.

Q1. How can I safely connect with seniors from my church experiencing isolation?

A1. Ask your church for advice on ways to connect; they may have some programs already in place. You can also call your senior friends regularly and even ask them to video chat.

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Q2. What are some mental health care options for seniors and how can I help them with their mental well-being?

A2. Help them navigate their healthcare options for mental health and provide resources where needed.

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Q3. How can I do a health check-in with seniors from my church?

A3. First, reach out and ask if your senior friend or loved one is in good health, and then offer ways for them to reach out if they need help.

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The church family is a great resource for seniors who are lonely, and as a community member, you can help seniors feel more connected by using some of these tips and resources for supporting them as we ease out of the pandemic.


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