Restoring One’s Faith After a Challenging Time

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Restoring One’s Faith After a Challenging Time

by Patrick Bailey

What do you do when it seems difficult to move forward? Challenging times can test your faith and make you reconsider what you believe and hold dear. There are some tips for restoring faith during times of adversity that may help you to overcome and conquer the obstacles, hurdles, or challenges that you face.

If you struggle with addiction or substance abuse issues, know that help is just a phone call away. Consider drug and alcohol treatment options, which include both outpatient and inpatient programs, depending on your personal needs.

Some ways to help restore faith during difficulties, including chemical dependency, include:


Practicing mindfulness helps you to be present in the here and now without putting too much emphasis on past mistakes or future worries. Take notice of your surroundings, your physical condition, the weather, the smells, or anything that makes you mindful and present at the current moment. This focus can be cathartic and help distract you from ruminating over things that you may have little or no control over.


It can be a powerful habit to practice gratitude daily. That is, expressing and acknowledging gratitude for all the blessings as well as the adversities in your life. After all, it is hardships and challenges that make a person into who he or she is. They can help you be a person of substance and character by embracing life’s obstacles with grace and perseverance.

Spiritual advice

Sometimes you need somebody to simply provide an objective point of view on your situation. Seek advice from a spiritual advisor that you trust and respect to help you get over the hurdles that you are facing. Plus, they can help replenish and restore faith at times when it is challenged by life’s messy circumstances.


How have you dealt with similar challenges that you have faced? Were you able to overcome and come out on top of these situations? What did you learn? Take time to reflect on times gone by and how you exhibited strength and resilience. Remember that wherever you go, that is where you are. You have inherent strengths that you can rely on in times of trouble. You can use them to get through other conundrums.

Personal inventory

It can be very reassuring to complete a strengths assessment. To do that, write down a list of what you have going for you. From creativity to being a good friend, tout your own traits that help you overcome challenges in your life. This personal inventory is something that you can turn to when in doubt or when feeling fearful about your ability to handle change, growth, or difficulty. It can be a powerful tool in recovery.


Don’t like your current life circumstances? Go ahead and share your story, which can prompt you to be an agent of change, both in your own life and in the lives of others. Don’t let change scare you. It can be a catalyst for growth, which can be great!


Are you spiritual or religious? Use this time to pray or meditate and concentrate on finding a solution to your problem or hurdle. Use progressive relaxation techniques such as focused breathing to reach deep within yourself to find solutions that may elude you during the angst and worry of a challenge. Place your faith in something larger than yourself. It can be comforting and provide you with the inspiration to move forward in a constructive and productive way.


Choose to be hopeful about your current situation. Focus all thoughts into positive outcomes and favorable results. Putting this energy into the universe may help you to manifest a solution to your difficulties.

Instead of being a person who sucks all the oxygen out of a room with negativity and cynicism, consciously choose hope and expect that the best will happen for you. Invite it in and eliminate fear of your situation with the expectation of hopefulness. Having trouble manifesting hope right now? Surround yourself with positive people who exude hope and happiness.


When all else fails, surrender control over your situation and focus on coping with the outcome. Learn to live with the fact that we cannot control each and every situation, trust in your own strength and resilience.

Do what you can and expect that you will overcome this setback just as you have dealt with other challenges in your life. As many twelve-step sobriety programs endorse, take things one day at a time.

Are you dealing with difficult times due to substance abuse or addiction issues? You can use your inner strength to tackle these hurdles. In addition, consider finding assistance from drug and alcohol recovery centers. Remember that you can control your life, your addictions, and other challenges.

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