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Side Hustles: Is the Branded Surveys App Legit?

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Is the Branded Surveys App Legit?

It’s Legit and I’ve Cashed Out to My PayPal Account

by J.M. Troppello

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for legitimate side hustles. I’ve found a bunch of survey and game apps that have helped me make extra money to pay for the rising cost of fuel and groceries. Some of those apps include Swagbucks and Premise. I’ve included links to those articles at the end of this article. For this article, I’ll share my experience with the Branded Surveys app. You can access this survey platform on their website, or you can download the app. I prefer using the app.

According to, “Our recent side gig survey found that 41 percent of US adults with a side job in 2022 need the extra income to pay for everyday living expenses, up from 31 percent when we last asked in 2019.”

Earning Extra Cash with Branded Surveys

Now, you’re not going to get rich doing surveys online and with apps. However, you can make some extra cash – which many people need these days. It’s simple to create an account with Branded Surveys and start earning points, which can then be redeemed when you meet the required threshold. The following are some things I like about this survey app and what my experience has been navigating it.

1. Leader Board

As you take more surveys and earn more points, you’ll be added to the leader board. I’m new to this app and only did surveys for two weeks – in addition to the other 9 survey apps that I was testing out during this time period – so I am currently (at the time of the writing of this article) ranked #59 out of 21,855 participants. Branded Surveys updates this ranking hourly. As you earn your spot on the leader board by taking more surveys, you get the chance to possibly win prizes in their random daily, weekly, and monthly drawings.

2. Earning Levels

There are three earning levels for receiving bonuses on the Branded Surveys app. If you complete 2+ surveys in one month, you will reach the Bronze level. If you complete 12+ surveys per week in this level, you will qualify for a 5% bonus. When you complete 10+ surveys in one month, you will reach the Silver level. In this level, payouts are instantly approved through fast processing. When you complete 12+ surveys per week in this level, you’ll receive a 10% bonus. If you complete 20+ surveys per week, you’ll receive a 12% bonus. If you complete 30+ surveys per week, you’ll receive a 14% bonus.

When you complete 25+ surveys per month, you will reach the Gold level. You’ll also receive instant payout approval. When you complete 12+ surveys per week, you’ll receive a 15% bonus. When you complete 20+ surveys per week, you’ll receive a 17% bonus. When you complete 30+ surveys per week, you’ll receive a 19% bonus.

3. Quick Payouts

Other survey apps offer a variety of payout options through gift cards etc. With Branded Surveys, there are various payout options, but the following are the most popular—PayPal, Amazon, and bpay, which is a payment processor for direct bank transfers. I used the PayPal option and received approval and payment quickly. Once I reach the Silver level, I’ll benefit from instant payouts. They also offer payout options through the following gift cards—Adidas, Advance Auto Parts, Airbnb, AMC Theaters, Apple Gift Card, Applebee’s, Bahama Breeze, Barnes & Noble, Boscov’s, and many more.

The payout threshold for most of these options is $5, which is nice. You can test out the app for yourself and cash out quickly at the $5 threshold to ensure that it is working for you.

4. Referral Earnings

If you refer a friend to the Branded Surveys app, you will receive 50 points the first time they earn the Silver Badge. You can easily track your referrals through the app dashboard to see which individuals signed up through your referral link, what their badge status is, and what date they joined.

Get Started with Branded Surveys Today!

I’ll reiterate that you won’t get rich completing surveys on these types of platforms. However, there are legitimate survey apps out there and this is one of them. Earn some extra cash today by signing up for Branded Surveys.

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