Sister’s Kitchen Capers: How to Dry and Freeze Herbs

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How to Dry and Freeze Herbs

by Joanne Troppello

Recently, my sister, Lori and I recorded the second episode of our Sister’s Kitchen Capers series for my Sunflower Quest YouTube channel. In this second episode, we dried and froze herbs from our garden. It was a fun experience, and we got the chance to learn first-hand how the process worked.

As we mentioned in our first episode (making pesto and Tzatziki sauce), we are not experts but are enjoying our experience working together to try new recipes and even make videos of some of our own recipes.

I also make videos for my Troppello’s Kitchen series on the channel where I share my own recipes. However, making cooking videos with my sister has definitely been fun.

We took the herbs from our garden—leaving the roots in the dirt to decompose and enrich the soil for the growing season next year. We grew herbs like basil, thyme, parsley, Italian parsley, oregano, mint, spearmint, lavender, dill, and coriander.

We separated the herbs and froze a portion, then dried some like the basil in the oven on low heat for over fours hours since those leaves are very moist—and left the others in small brown sandwich bags to hang on string for at least one week to dry.

Feel free to watch the video below. If you’ve dried herbs before or are going to try it, please comment below this article and let us know.

Sunflower Quest: Sister's Kitchen Capers (Ep. 2 - Drying and Freezing Herbs)


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