Social Media: Mastering the Art Form of Writing Compelling Social Media Posts

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Mastering the Art Form of Writing Compelling Social Media Posts

by Joanne Troppello

If you want to engage a larger audience and connect with more leads for your blog, using social media the right way can be extremely effective. There are currently 2.27 billion active users on Facebook as of January 2019 and 400 million active users per month on Instagram.

When you master the art of writing for the medium of social media, you can increase your reach and engage new readers. Consider the following tips on writing content which can get you the attention that you want to lead people back to your blog.

How to Write Content Geared for the Top Social Media Networks

You need to understand the top social media networks if you want to write compelling content that will convert leads. Google+ closed in April 2019, so you don’t need to learn how to write for that platform.

· Facebook

· Instagram

· Twitter

· Pinterest

· LinkedIn

The most popular social network is Facebook. This platform sends more traffic to blogs and websites than any of the other five platforms. You can get the best results on Facebook by gearing your content toward entertainment and news.

Write posts with shorter text and interesting images or short videos when writing content for Instagram. You likely won’t get a lot of traffic to your blog from this platform. However, you should focus on using this platform to enhance your brand as a professional blogger, writer, or author.

If you want to write content that will drive a lot of traffic to your blog—which is why you’re taking this blogger mentoring course—then you should focus attention on cultivating your Twitter following. Quickly grab your reader’s attention by posting news-worthy content featuring your brand. This will increase the chances of getting your content retweeted and responded to—and improve your click-through-rate (CTR).

If sharing fun and engaging photos interests you, then focus on using Pinterest to post photos and pictures that people will pin to their boards. Many people pin photos for inspiration. Think about content that will inspire people and include memorable tag lines.

When you post content on LinkedIn, you need to remember that this is a social media platform geared for professionals. The dynamic is much different than all the other platforms. You can use this platform to share interesting blog posts or articles you’ve written. Write catchy headlines and a brief promo blurb about the article or post to increase the chance of catching people’s interest as they scroll through their newsfeed.

Get Creative with Post Content for Social Media Platforms

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It’s been mentioned already in this guide that you should engage with followers 80 percent of the time and only promote 20 percent. However, it’s an important point to make so it bears repeating.

People don’t want you to sell to them. They want to get to know you and your brand.

They want to have a reason to go to your blog. You need to give them that reason and be your own unique and engaging self.

Consider some of the following ways that you can get creative with your social media content.

· When sharing your blog post link, include an engaging question or interesting text that encourages people to click your link.

· Show your unique personality and enhance your brand image by posting visually engaging behind-the-scenes photos of yourself.

· When you post interesting curated content from others in your field, remember to credit them as a source. This is another way to connect with your followers because

you are providing them with interesting and educational information.

· News sells—especially in our current culture with its 24-hour news cycle online. Share relevant news articles and comment when you retweet.

Writing compelling social media posts is an important step in cultivating your brand online and drawing traffic to your blog and website.


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