Social Writing: Use These Five Writing Tools to Write Better Social Media Posts

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Use These Five Writing Tools to Write Better Social Media Posts

by Joanne Troppello

Writing content for use on social media platforms is different than writing blog posts. One obvious difference is the word count and the audience attention span. Reading a blog post takes more patience for a reader to get through than a smaller tweet on Twitter, or post on Facebook or Instagram.

You can write better social media posts by using the following five writing tools. They can help elevate your content and improve reader engagement on social media.

Take the Social Media World by Storm with These Writing Tools

Error Free Content is just as important in a social media posts as in a blog post. Every time you write content online, you should proofread before publishing. Remember, that you are trying to build your reputation as a professional blogger.

You can use the Slick Write tool to make sure your content is error free. With this tool, it’s easy to copy and paste your social media content into the platform to check for misspellings or grammatical errors before posting on social media. This will take extra time. However, if you’re prone to making errors when posting on social media, you should consider using this tool.

Writing Tweet Threads. Most of the time, you won’t write tweet threads, but there may be times when this is important—especially if you have something important to write which amounts to more than the 280-character count.

You can create great tweetstorm threads using the Writerack tool. These threads can significantly impact your followers and can possibly increase your following. With this tool, you can automate any important tweet threads so you don’t have to input each one manually.

Always Avoid Plagiarism. Plagiarism is bad. There is no excuse for it. Most writers and bloggers have no issue avoiding plagiarizing when they write blog posts or articles. However, when writing social media posts, this can sometimes become a problem. It could be easier to plagiarize than you realize.

Using the Help.PlagTracker online tool can help to make sure your social media content is original. You may not even realize it, but you could have accidentally plagiarized someone else’s online social media content. You are building your brand as a professional blogger and always want to deliver original content that showcases your unique voice.

Simplified Content Works Best. Simple is better when posting on social media. You need to be concise and avoid wordiness when writing for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

We’re circling back to the Hemingway App because this tool is ideal for helping you cut content that is too wordy. You can easily revise any content that contains too many adverbs or an overuse of passive voice.

Consistently Proofread Online. This tool is geared toward users who don’t have the time to review all of their social media content and they need to outsource proofreading. It’s mentioned here in this chapter as an option for those bloggers who have the resources for this.

You can also use this tool for proofreading of blog content. Use the Wordy online tool to submit content for review by outsourced proofreaders. The nice benefit of this tool is that a proofreader will review the content in real-time. You’ll receive the proofed content in approximately 20 minutes.

These proofreaders can enhance the readability of your content. You can find information on their pricing by visiting

Remember that writing posts for social media should be fun. You need to focus on meshing the fun with the practical—and continually post well-proofed content.


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