Spunky Doodle: Doodling in Doodleville

Doodling in Doodleville

by Linda Suit

Mommy looked out the back door and there was a skeered baby Doodle all by himself, hanging onto the side of a tree. She went out, played the baby squirrell cry on her phone hoping Mommy Doodle would come back for him. He finally came down, crawled in a hole in a smaller tree and Mommy patiently waited until he came back out and she picked him up and brought him in. She gave him a bath, hydrated him, and put him back outside in a box with her phone playing the baby squirrel cry all…day…long. Mommy Doodle never came back and we are afraid something happened to her and the other babies. Poor baby boy. He was just like me, lost his Mommy Doodle. We couldn't keep him cause he's a boy and he needed expert care. He kinda liked Jerry Boy, maybe cause he's a boy, but he snuggled with him and felt safe. Mommy fed him, kept him warm, getting up with him all night. The next morning he was cold so Mommy put him in bed with Jerry Boy to keep him warm. We named him JB (for Jerry Boy). Then they made a long drive to take him to a nice man who rehabs Doodles and other animals, so he could have a chance at being an outdoor Doodle, doing what outdoor Doodle Boys do. I have to admit, he was a sweet boy, and I even miss him a widdle bit. Grow big, widdle JB.

Well, gardening has been a challenge this year. Last month we talked about it, but Mother Nature can't make up her mind if she wants to be hot, cold, rain by the gazillion gallons, hail beating our poor plants to death, and now, it's in the 90's in early May. Gimme a break will ya? Mommy and Jerry Boy need to get that stuff growing good so I can start getting some healthy veggies! Poor Mommy, after one hailstorm, then so much rain it flooded the entire lower part of the garden, she went out in her long boots and took a pointed hoe. She couldn't go inside the garden cause she would have sunk down so far she would have needed a passport. So, she reached over the fence and started digging trenches to let out some of the rain. Poor veggies were completely under water. Mommy came back to the porch after she washed her boots off, and Jerry Boy was sitting in the swing and said "whatcha been doing". Ruh roh, she just gave him one of her special looks. Nut grass has invaded the garden, and Mommy said she knows why they call it nut grass cuz it's driving her nuts! She has dug, pulled, covered, and it's still popping back up.

Arrrgh, matey, if I'm gonna have to be on a boat to survive this flood, I'm gonna be a pirate! So, I'm thinking I'll be a good pirate though and help people, but the ones that are mean, well, let's just say I know how to deal with them. I was taught by the best...Mommy! Arrrrgh! So, let's get on with this pirate ship building business. Who's in? Batten the hatches, it's gonna be a wild ride, over rocks, fallen trees blocking the raging river, wheeee, hold on tight, I got this! Whoopeeee, oh wait, I'm a Doodle, I don't think we like water! The goaties were not happy today cause they HATE water and had to stay on the porch most of the day. If I get tired of being a pirate I guess I could do rescue work huh? I have some good friends who help people when they are hurt or sick and I think they are awesome. Maybe I could be a fireman? Umm, I would have to watch that tail though, can't get that beautiful thing singed. Stay safe, everyone!

Our Juliet goatie has been really sick. She's doing some better, but Mommy has to get her on the stand to give her medicine and do other things to her that I won't go into detail about. Ick. Miss Libby Long Legs thinks it's a game when Mommy and Jerry Boy each have a horn dragging her to the stand. That Juliet puts the emergency brakes on and it's not easy. Miss LLL runs around the three of them, butting Juliet when she can't defend herself. It's like "hold her and let me beat on her". Goatie rodeos around here are so much fun.

Ok get your laff-o-meter ready. You know Mommy was a city girl in her former life, right? Well if there was any doubt, today she was dealing with sick Juliet. Had to give her some Milk of Magnesia, so of course she managed to spit some of that in her face. No problem, Mommy had her mouth closed for a change. Later she's sitting on the steps and Juliet comes up behind her and rubs her head all over the back of Mommy's, no doubt smearing her with more, then she takes a bite and yanks a mouthful of hair out! Dang girl, that hurt!

Now, as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story...

The Milk of Magnesia proceeded to do its job, a little too well, so cleanup is in order. I will spare you the details but Mommy came in the house to wash her hands, looks in the mirror, which she tries not to do too often, and sees a smear on her face. Yup, it's brown. Yup you guessed it...slimy goat poop. So, where does this rate on the laff-o-meter? Me thinks the city girl is gone for good. Y'all have any fun today?

Lookie what Miss Libby Long Legs was doing when Mommy wasn't looking! Aww, that's ok, Mommy sez you can give Jerry Boy loves. Our Jerry Boy does wuv our fur babies around here, and we kinda like him too.

Hope all you Mothers had a very happy Mother's Day cause you are all very special!

Love to you all

Spunky Doodle

Doodleville, USA


About the Author

Linda Suit is a city girl turned country. A travel agent by trade, she and her husband, Jerry, live in rural Arkansas with their animals including an amazing pet squirrel, Spunky Doodle. Spunky has brightened the lives of many with her stories. She is quite a character and definitely lives up to her name of Spunky.

Linda has traveled the world. Her passion for missions comes alive in her stories from remote areas. She will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings.

Come along and share the adventures. It has been an amazing journey. You can learn more about Linda on Facebook and on Twitter.

You can read Linda’s “Spunky Tales” column on the 2nd Saturday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.