Spunky Tales: A Time to Be Sad and a Time to Laugh

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

A Time to Be Sad and a Time to Laugh

by Linda Suit

Three years ago Mommy helped on a big goat group on Facebook. Honey BooBoo's Mommy posted there, as HBB was very sick. She had babies and developed a bad case of mastitis, congested udder, and pneumonia. That's hooman talk. She needed a lot of help.

Mommy found out they lived not far from us! Well, my Mommy, being who she is, volunteered to go see if she could help. HBB needed shots and spa treatments for her milk container, cause it felt like concrete. Warm compresses, massage til your arms felt like they were gonna drop off and putting medicine in the milky faucet. Did I say HBB weighed over 200 pounds? Oh ya, big girl.

HBB and Mommy came to love each other very quickly. Mommy would lay her head on HBB's side and HBB would literally sit in Mommy's lap when she was working on her. HBB's Mommy was tireless in her daily spa treatments, three times a day, day after day after day, for about two weeks.

Mommy and Jerry Boy became good friends with HBB's Mommy and Daddy. They are very special, loving people. HBB loved being a Mommy but after she got so sick her hoomans decided not to let her have any more babies so she wouldn't get the milk sickness again. She wanted babies so bad she would start making milk anyway!

But HBB, you have Zeus, your boy that sticks by your side. Zeus is the sweetest boy and sometimes entertains kids at church. He looks so much like HBB. Zeus has a brother, Rango, that is a bit of a rascal sometimes, but he is a good boy and loves his goatie family and hoomans.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Fast forward to this year. HBB refused to quit making milk and her hoomans took her to a vet that tried to help. The last treatment didn't go well and HBB started having trouble. So many people tried to help, giving advice, praying. Mommy went over to say her goodbyes to HBB. She remembered Mommy and even ate a little banana she took.

Mommy sat on the stall floor and HBB laid her head on Mommy loving on her. They sat that way for a long time. Mommy tried not to cry but the love she felt for HBB just leaked from her eyes. HBB seemed she was telling Mommy it would be ok, that she was ready to go.

In her last hours she was giving comfort to the hoomans that loved her. HBB crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now running free, no doubt loving on all the babies up there. Her sweet boy, Zeus, is going to be lost without her and her hoomans are missing her something awful. If love could have saved her she would still be here.

This first picture is Queen Honey Boo Boo. In the words of her hooman... "to her this was not an overturned galvanized tub, but a gold, jewel encrusted throne from which she could view her subjects."

HBB, you gave love and you were loved, by your babies and your hooman friends. We will remember you as the beautiful, sweet girl you were. Run free goatie girl. Love on all the Rainbow Bridge babies.

Now wipe your eyes cause it's time to laugh...

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel


Last week Romeo was acting a widdle off, stomping his back feet and kicking at his belly. Mommy first thought it was a hoof problem. After a goat rodeo they finally got him on the stand. Mommy inspects hoofies...no problem. Hmm. She starts looking at his belly for biting buggies.

Now picture this...Romeo's hair drags the ground, so Mommy is under "there" and Jerry Boy is supposed to be holding his hair up so she can see. Romeo is jumping, dancing, squealing, kicking, and Mommy finally gets a look at the "thing"...you know, that area where the magic wand is? It is really swollen and red. Mommy gets worried cause boy goaties can get something called urinary calculi (that's goat talk)...it's like a hooman with a kidney stone. Well, if goaties get this they can't tinkle and, well, it's not good.

So, Mommy jumps into ER mode. Out comes the needle with med, here comes the nasty tasting stuff she has to make him drink. Then the not so fun part...she gets back under him and holds warm cloths on him and starts massaging the area feeling for a stone, trying to get "thing" out, but that magic wand has never been used cause his romancers were removed a long time ago.

Mommy is worried about her boy, but he ramps up the jumping, dancing, squealing, kicking thing. Mommy's head is covered up under all that hair, and all of sudden Jerry Boy says...ready...? "Romeo, if she was doing that to me I'd jump around, dance and squeal too!" Bahaha, Mommy lost it, she started laughing so hard she almost wet her britches. Romeo is not amused however. Finally Mommy crawls out from under him and Jerry Boy helps her up. They let Romeo loose and he goes out to the yard and tinkles! Yay, good boy!

The next day he was still kicking at his belly and not feeling good, so Mommy had to check him again. It looked like something may have bitten or stung him on his "thing". Owie owie! Mommy put some medicine on him and let him go again.

He is all healed up now. You know how boys can be, right? They have to be babied when they have a boo boo. But this boy is afraid of butterflies!

I've had on my thinking cap. Dangerous, I know. I have decided I need to start my own business. I don't like for Mommy and Jerry to have to buy or grow all my food so I want to help. So, what to do? It's gotta be something I'm good at, so I have the perfect solution...drum roll please!


You know how I like to hold Mommy's ears and nibble on the edges of them, then stick my nose in her ear checking her out to make sure she cleaned them good? Well, here's your chance! Don't worry about getting all the icky stuff outta your ears, I'll do it for you!

I think I'll call it SPUNKY'S EAR SPA. I work cheap, just a few nuts, acorns, or a piece of fruit. I need people who will refer me to others so if you are interested in participating in my Clean Ear project, get in on this fast, as I only have two hands and I am going to be selective of my clients. Let's get this party started! Ooh, that's it, ear cleaning parties! Sign up quick!

DON'T MISS OUT! IT'S THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME! P.S. In case I get carried away, be sure your insurance is up to date cause sometimes I make red stuff come out of Mommy's skin.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Happy Daddy's Day to all the Dads out there. I wuv my Jerry Boy Dad!

And on that note, thaaa thaaa thaaas all folks! See ya next month.

Love, Spunky Doodle

Doodleville, USA


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