Spunky Tales: A Time to Remember

A Time to Remember

by Linda Suit

Reflections are sometimes happy, sometimes sad. I am going to focus on a place called The Rainbow Bridge. I know you all have had pets go there, and we share your tears. The poster above is of our sweet Jazzy, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge Nov 3, 2020, and our precious Romeo, who crossed Dec 12, 2021. I'm not sure Mommy's heart will ever mend after losing these two. Even if you expect it, it's hard to lose such friends. We knew Jazzy was ready, but Romeo was gone in a matter of hours. They say tears cleanse the soul. If that's true, Mommy's is pretty clean. I don't think I have ever seen her so sad. Get out your hankies, you're gonna need them.

Mommy was just starting to get through losing Jazzy. She will never get over it, but she was getting through it. It took a year. She could finally smile when she saw her picture instead of crying. Jazzy was the sweetest goat. She would lean against Mommy and put her head on her shoulder, smell her hair, and if she was in a feisty mood, would grab a mouthful. We watched Jazzy get worse and worse, and Mommy had to make the decision to let her run free. She was suffering. Jazzy looked into Mommy's eyes that morning and told her it was time. We all said our goodbyes and a friend came and helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge. We buried her with her favorite bow.

Romeo got sick and within a few hours, Mommy was sitting on the cold ground with him, crying, begging God not to take him. She had blankets on him, and Jerry Boy went in to get his own sweater to put on Romeo. He died in her arms. Mommy has helped save a lot of goats, but she couldn't save Romeo. I guess Jazzy and Tinker needed him. Although he was Mommy's baby, he was Jerry's boy. At night Jerry Boy would say "you ready to go to bed?", and Romeo always answered him with "maaaaa". None of the other goats ever did. He was the prettiest boy goat ever. His beautiful coat dragged the ground when he walked...it looked like he was floating. Juliet and Miss Libby Long Legs ran to the porch until he breathed his last breath, then they came and stood over Romeo for a bit, and Miss Libby came around and leaned against Mommy, giving her comfort. They stayed there until they took him to be buried and went to the grave with them.

Then comes the grief. Mommy's heart was shattered. She had no idea this was coming. Miss Libby stopped eating, went around crying, looking for Romeo. Mommy was grieving so much I think Miss Libby sensed it. Mommy realized she had to reassure the girls they would be ok, that she loved them and would take care of them. Slowly Mis LLL started eating again. If you don't think animals grieve, this is proof.

Many of you know Jerry Boy has memory problems. He knows Romeo is gone, but every morning and night he would still fill Romeo's bowl. Mommy would take it away and he would find it and fill it again. He tried to feed Juliet in Romeo's spot and she refused to eat there. They tried to only put bedding in two stalls now instead of four and both girls refused to sleep where Romeo and Jazzy used to sleep.

Just before Christmas, a dear, sweet, talented friend, named Miss Deb, sent Mommy and Jerry Boy an incredible gift. Mommy opened it and couldn't believe what she saw. She said she had always heard the term breathtaking, but this literally took her breath away. The gift was the picture you see at the top. She drew this from pictures she found on Mommy's Facebook page, and had it made into a poster. She captured them perfectly, even remembering the time a butterfly landed on Romeo's horn. Deb's son, Matt, helped with suggestions, then they found the perfect frame. These two people have hearts of gold, and this picture now hangs in Mommy's office. She will be able to see it every day, and slowly her heart will heal, even though it will be scarred forever. Thank you, Deb, for your tireless work on this heartfelt gift, and Matt, for your help. I know you must wuv my Mommy a lot. There just aren't words to tell you how much this means.

I know Mommy will slowly start to remember the years and special times they had with Romeo and Jazzy, and she won't be so sad. If love could have saved them, they would still be here. Their hoofprints will forever be on Mommy's broken heart. But I know if Romeo and Jazzy could tell Mommy something from their side of the Rainbow Bridge, no doubt it would be something like this: "Grieve for a time, as we know you must, but then remember the joy we had together. We were loved and had an incredible life with you. We brought each other joy and love. Someday we will meet again, on this side of the Rainbow Bridge. You see, we know you will never forget us, and we will never forget you."

I saw something today that said "When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I see a soul." I know without a doubt my Mommy feels this way. I think God gave her a special place in her heart that would allow her to see us as friends, to communicate with us in a way not everyone can.

I'm sorry to make you sad on my first post for 2022, but I felt like I needed to dedicate this to Romeo and Jazzy, and all the special ones that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy needed my help remembering our sweet goaties. I hope you all have a wonderful year, full of happiness and love. May God fill you with blessings, and remember I love you all.

Spunky Doodle

Doodleville, USA


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