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Angels Among Us

by Linda Suit

I would like to start September Spunky Tales by recognizing a very special lady. I actually got to talk to her a few days ago! How many people get to talk to a Doodle? Well, I'm sure some of you may talk to them outdoors, but have you ever talked to one on the phone?

Her name is Miss Joy, and she sure has the right name because she brings joy to a lot of people. She sends cards and letters to people that are lonely, sick, as well as special "thinking of you" cards! I know cause Mommy has gotten some from her. She is beautiful inside and out, and Mommy, Jerry Boy, the goaties, and I are grateful to have her as a friend.

Why am I writing this story about her? Cause she deserves to be recognized for the beautiful soul she is. Look inside yourself...what have you done to encourage someone, especially now when people can't visit like normal times? There are people in nursing homes that sit in the same room day after day, all alone, no family can visit, they can't even go to the dining room to eat with other residents.

Mommy's Aunt Hazel is one of these. She is 90 years old, and recently recovered from Covid that she got from her roommate. Aunt Hazel was very sick, but thank the Good Lord above, and people like Miss Joy, that thought enough to send encouraging cards, pictures and letters, she recovered. Her roommate was not as fortunate. I know several of you sent cards to Aunt Hazel, and we thank you all! This is a lonely life for people near the end of their earthly journey.

There is a young boy who is battling cancer at St. Jude's, and his Mommy, Daddy, and family are very worried about him. The Doctors are doing everything possible to give him a chance to grow up and do special things with his life. He was pretty bummed when he found out what chemo would do to his body.

When Miss Joy found out about him, she asked if she could send cards to encourage him. She didn't wait to be asked. I think a positive attitude goes a long way toward healing, and it's tough on someone his age to be in a hospital away from his family and buddies. The more people that show him that he matters to them, the better chance he has to survive.

Mommy's cousin, who is like a sister to her, has been in the hospital for about six weeks now. Several times, it looked like she wasn't going to make it. Miss Joy has been praying for her daily, as I know she does for Aunt Hazel and this special young boy. "Snookie" is doing so much better, and I know it's because so many people are showing her love and letting her know God is not finished with her yet.

So, use Miss Joy as an example. She is definitely one of the Angels Among Us! Won't you join her and find someone you can share encouraging words with? Or, maybe you can make some food for someone that is struggling. I know I'm only a Doodle, but I try to share love and laughter where I can.

Don't wait to be asked...instead, ask what you can do to help. Miss Joy, thank you from the bottom of my widdle heart, for being so kind to my Mommy, her family, and countless others that I'm sure we will never know about. We salute you, and others like you that take time out of their busy lives to think of others. Let's hear it for Miss Joy! We love you bunches.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

One day Mommy was a bit troubled, but as light gave way to dusk, a mist appeared over the creek, and as she looked out, there was the Great Blue Heron, standing in profile, creek lazily rambling by, the heron regal in his habitat, searching for a last fish of the day. Mommy stood there quietly as the mist surrounded him. He turned and started walking away, tossed one last look at her over his back, and effortlessly sprang into flight, wings outstretched, and slowly glided away.

It was as if he said, "all is well, tomorrow is another day", and so it is. Sometimes we need a small sign from God to tell us "Be still and know that I am God". If she had not walked out on the stoop at that moment she would have missed the heron...or would she? Was God waiting for her to look out so He could show him to her? Thoughts to ponder. I heard her say "It is well with my soul."

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Once when Jerry Boy had been very sick, it had been an incredibly tough two weeks. Mommy said she just didn't feel like she could do it, but she finally just sat down and prayed, not that she had not been praying during this whole time, but I heard her ask God to give her a sign it would be ok. I could tell she just felt so alone and overwhelmed. She went out to drag the heavy trash can to the road in the middle of the day, and there in the field, standing very still and staring at her was a beautiful young deer. She just stood there, not moving, not blinking, just staring into Mommy's eyes. She talked to the deer, then went to get the can and moved to the other side of the shop. There she was again, staring into her eyes!

So Mommy stopped and just looked deep into the deer's eyes. Suddenly she kicked up her heels and started running around in circles, stopped, stared at Mommy again, then trotted away. Mommy said she slept well that night for the first time in two weeks. The next day Jerry Boy got up without prompting, and although he was still not well, she could see a spark trying to come back into his eyes. He walked to the goat pen with her and sat there while she fed them. Then after he ate a little dinner, he managed to walk all the way to the road with her to get the trash can.

So, you see, prayers do work. I have heard Mommy say many times...God is still in the miracle business, so always take your troubles to Him. He listens, and He always answers. His answer might be "not now", but He will be with you whatever you are going through.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

I will always be here for you; I feel like I'm kind of your Guardian Angel. I may not be able to fix your hurts but I can hold your hand, let you cry in my arms while I wrap my wings around you, give you Spunky Angel kisses, and love on you forever and ever. You may never know what form an Angel will be...it could be someone like Miss Joy, or it could be one of God's critter creations, but my widdle Doodle heart knows they are there, just open your heart and your eyes to them. There are many "Angels Among Us".

Spunky Doodle

Doodleville, USA


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Linda Suit at Mustard Seed Sentinel

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