Spunky Tales: Changing Times

Spunky Doodle the squirrel on a watch face

Changing Times

by Linda Suit

Well it's that time of year again, you know, the time when nobody knows what time it is? Seems the powers that be decided it would be a good idea to change the time a couple of times a year, just to cornfuzzle everyone. So, here we are again. I'm gonna twist your brain, not that some of you need twisting. You know who you are! You might even fracture your cerebral cortex trying to figure this out, so I'm gonna have some fun with this. I'm only a Doodle but I think it would be better to leave the time alone. Might wanna grab some popcorn...this may take a while! So, take a deep breath, and here we go!

When all this first started, the time changed the last October in Saturday. Oh wait, I mean the last Saturday in October. Ok, now I got that part right. Now it's the first Saturday in November. Sheesh, just when you figure it out they change the question! Who writes all these rules in pencil?

Do you fall forward and spring back, or do you jump forward and bounce back? Flip forward and flop back? Getting a headache yet? Bwahaha, hang on, it gets more complileated...or something like that! Ya with me? I want to know how many of my buddies can figure this out, NO CHEATING ON GOOGLE! I'm watching you! So, if you fly west you are gaining time, right??? You travel through eight different time zones BUT you cross the international date line so you LOSE a day...why do you lose a day if you are flying west since you are gaining time? Yowza this is gonna be a twister! Back on track, if you fly west through eight time zones and lose a day when you cross the dateline, what time is it in Vanuatu? Oh wait, what if you are doing all this during the time change, either bouncing forward or tripping backward. Mommy, where's Vanuatu? She said you go to the end of the world and turn right, or maybe it's left. I think I'm getting jet lag. Now if you figure that out, what happens to the day you lost? What if you don't come back, is it gone forever? Or what if you keep going??? I think my Doodle brain is rolling around like a slot machine! I've been thinking about this all day so you guys gotta help me out here.

Hmm, not sure what time it is but it's dark way too early! Our atomic clocks said it was four hours earlier than they were supposed to, the bedroom clocks were one time, kitchen clocks another, puter said another. Poor Jerry Boy was really bamboozled. He sprung forward so he was two hours off. Mommy tried to tell him, but he just looked at her kinda funny. The goaties were not amused. They want to eat when THEIR clock says it's time, and they are always hungry. They start beating on the door if Jerry Boy is a minute late! Juliet sounds like an injured bull, Romeo is the tenor of the bunch. Miss LLL usually doesn't sing. I think she's the smartest cause she knows she will get fed anyway. I don't like this time, I go to bed when it's dark fifteen, I don't even wait for dark thirty...or I take naps whenever I want.

Photo of Spunky Doodle the squirrel on a puzzle

Now that your heads are spinning around like you need an exorcism, and you are as puzzled as I am, let's move on to something simpler, like food! It's almost time for Thanksgiving. There's always food then, and lots of it. What's your fave? There is always pumpkin pie, but my fave is pecan! I would rather have the pecans without the gooey stuff though, so Mommy saves me some. I have been known to sneak one out of the gooey stuff. Hey, when you're starving, you just have to make do. Don't forget to be thankful for what you have.

Spunky Doodle the squirrel standing on a table with trays of acorns

Another thing I like about fall is ACORNS! Would you look at these babies! I'm a lucky Doodle. At least Mommy keeps telling me that. People go outside, gather them up and bring them to me. Eat your heart out Doodles that live in the great outdoors. I don't have to worry about another Doodle finding them and eating them either. I've heard acorns are where oak trees come from, but I have hidden a bunch of them in the house and we don't have any oak trees growing in here. Hmm, may to have to work on that. Shh, don't tell Mommy. I have secrets.

Spunky Doodle the squirrel bundled in a pink blanket

Now that I have done Doodle noodling and time warp, then filled my widdle belly with acorns, I think I need a rest. I like to hide under my blankie then pop my head out to make sure Mommy is still close by. Yeah, I give her a hard time, but I kinda like her.

Oh, almost forgot...did any of you dress up for Trick or Treat? Mommy gave me a special treat. For some reason she's not fond of some of my tricks. Hmmph, a Doodle's gotta have some fun, right?

Speaking of fall, what happened to it? It was hot here one day and the next I'm freezing! The leaves are supposed to turn a pretty color and temps are supposed to slowly get cooler. It was so cold last night I had to put on my fur coat! Oh wait, I always wear fur. Brrrr!

One day when I was being a bit testy Mommy said she was gonna scallop me! I thought those were things that live in the ocean. Hmm, guess I'll have to go Googling again.

Mommy and Jerry Boy have a new great grandson and he is so beautiful. His name is Brooks and he lives way in another state. Mommy can't wait to go see him and get some snuggles. Jerry Boy is gonna have company here to help out while she's gone. I hope we survive! I'm not sure if two boys will know how to take care of me. Guess I'll have to put on my HIT (hooman in training) hat!

Well, next month is December, and I will be here at Mustard Seed with a very special story about a special day. Until then, be good, smile, say please and thank you, and remember, I'm sending hugs and love.

Spunky Doodle

Doodleville, USA


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