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Doodleville Birds and Bees

Through the Eyes of a Child

by Linda Suit

Howdy to August. Did I say it's HOT? 100+ days are no fun when you have outdoor chores, which Mommy and Jerry Boy do. The outdoor animals need lots of fresh water, the garden has to be watered, picked, and weeds pulled.

We'll talk about the picture up top in a widdle bit, so hang on tight, it will be worth it.

But first let's sit down and have a chat about the birds and bees. Don't get excited, it's not what you think. Mommy won't let me play with boys, so that conversation is not needed. So let's have some fun with this, okie dokie? Birds and bees? Sorta, but actually, I wanted to see how many animals, critters, creatures, or whatever you wanna call them, we have seen here in Doodleville. I'll take a deep breath and try to list them, but I may need some help.

Here goes:

Well, since it's Doodleville, oodles of Doodles, of course! We have grey Doodles and Foxie Doodles. We even had flying Doodles. Then there are our goaties, Romeo, Juliet and Miss Libby Long Legs. Deer, groundhogs, coyotes, fox, mink, river otters, beavers, ducks, geese, even a bear! Beep beep roadrunner, Great Blue Herons (Mommy saw a baby one yesterday), Green Herons, Woody Woodpecker (pileated woodpecker), several other kinds of woodpeckers, Cardinals, Indigo Buntings, Eastern Bluebirds, house wrens, sparrows, hummingbirds, black capped Chickadees, tufted titmouse, blue jays, crows, hawks, eagles, buzzards, a whole buncha birds I don't know the names of, possums, raccoons, mousies, even ratties, no shoulders, evil no shoulders, frogs, lots of fish in the creek. Hmm, what else? Wabbits, turtles and even a razorback hog! Mommy and Jerry Boy have seen mountain lions and a Bobcat. Wowza, huh?

Oh, I left out the bees; honey bees, bumble bees, and lotsa insects we could do without. There are creepy crawlers that Mommy is deathly afraid of, so we'll just move on. We have beautiful butterflies too. Silly boy, Romeo, is kinda afraid of them. He's such a boy!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Wait, what's that I see? Umm, that's a HUGE kitty cat...a/k/a Black Collared Lion. What's he doing here? I thought he lived in South Africa! Hang on...

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

More kitties? Mommy and Jerry Boy, are you nuts? Those are REAL TIGERS! They have sharp fangs and claws and could eat you if they wanted. Oh well, the trainer has an itty bitty stick as big as your pinkie and he taps them on the nose if they get naughty? Maybe someone should define naughty.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Whoa...elephants? Those are humongous bull elephants from South Africa...how did all these guys get here to Doodleville? Psst, I'll tell ya a secret. I just did this to see if you were paying attention. Bahaha, gotcha!

I think a lot of these animals talk to each other, but I also think some of them are afraid of each other, as they should be. Are you afraid of any of these animals? If I lived in the Great Outdoors I would be, but I have the best of both worlds. I have my indoor Happy-tat and my outdoor Sunbeam House that is critter-proof.

What are some of the animals you have seen? Is there an unusual animal you would like to share about? It doesn't have to be here in this country. Mommy and Jerry Boy have traveled the world and they have seen some amazing things, even pink dolphins in the Amazon jungle. I think they are pretty lucky to have made these memories together.

Now that we have had the Birds and Bees talk, let's talk about the picture of Wyatt. He is a very special widdle boy and he was only seven months old in the picture up top, so clear your mind and open your heart to this story:

Through the Eyes of a Child

You all know Mommy wuvs babies...baby hoomans, baby animals...all babies. I want to talk about the innocence of widdle ones. This picture is of Wyatt, Mommy and Jerry Boy's Great Grandson, baby boy of Cameron and Emily. He will be four years old in a few months. In this picture, Wyatt had just seen his first rainbow. The awe in his eyes is something that can only be explained by a loving God smiling down on him, showing him something that He created, just so little Wyatt could look up, and even at his young age of seven months, think "wow did you see that?" "How did that get there?"

There will be many "wow" moments for Wyatt. He is truly a blessing and brings joy with his deep belly laughs, that big smile on his sweet face, the true innocence that can only be seen in the face of a child. It's kinda sad when people get older, they lose that innocence, trust, the "wow" in precious moments like a first rainbow. So, I want you to take this precious "awe" moment of Wyatt's and remember it...be kind to others, do something that will make someone look at you and think "wow, that was nice". It may just be a simple smile, a thank you, opening a door. You never know what it could mean. People may just need a friendly face.

I try to make people laugh, smile, think how they could be better, and sometimes just have fun. So, today, Spunky Doodle (that's me) is asking you, look at baby Wyatt's face, look at the "awe" in this precious, special moment, and remember, God is up there watching all of us, you, me, all of the widdle ones, old ones, sick ones, and I'm asking you to do this for me...just smile and have more "Wyatt moments".

Wyatt now has a widdle sister, and they sure do wuv each other. I hope they will both have lots of "awe" moments with each other.

So, that's my Tale for August. Be good, be kind, smile...you know Spunky Doodle wuvs you all.

See ya in the fall, when Spunky Tales continues!


Spunky Doodle


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