Spunky Tales: February Doodlings in Doodleville

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February Doodlings in Doodleville

by Linda Suit

You probably don't know that I have been a sick Doodle. Don't worry, Mommy is a good nurse and I am much better! I have not been getting enough Vitamin D from direct sunlight, so we're fixing that problem...enter, my Tiny-Tat...literally.... I had a hard time deciding on a name.

At first I thought about calling it my Unhappy-tat (as opposed to my indoor Happy-tat). Mommy vetoed that idea, so it became my Tiny-tat. You know I don't like outdoors, right? The first time she took me outside in it I was more than a widdle skeered but she stayed with me, and we made that a short visit.

Next time she and Jerry Boy sat with me so I knew they wouldn't let any bad guys come up here. Well, Miss Libby Long Legs came, sniffed and stuck her nose up to the wire and I told her to behave her silly self or I would pierce it for her! Smart gal cause she laid down beside Mommy. Guess she knows who's boss huh? I have been climbing around like a monkey. Well, ya never know, I might get tired of being a Doodle, so knowing how to act like a monkey is important!

Hope you had some sunshine today. It really does make you feel better! So, I shall be a good Doodle and do as Mommy says, not that I have a choice.

I'm not quite up to full throttle yet, but not long ago I was at warp speed! Vrrroooommm! I can run from one room to the next before Mommy can blink. I have a hard time in that big kitchen/breakfast room though cause I slip and slide all over the place.

I put on the brakes, but they don't work too good. Look out, here comes a wall! Owie! Speaking of wall, I was climbing them today too, yep, shimmied right up that wall just like I knew what I was doing. We have a floor lamp with a long pole and I shimmy up and down it. Hmm, maybe I'd make a good fireman?

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Whoa, what in tarnation was THAT? A big black blob crossed the creek. Ruh roh, that was a BEAR!!! Run, run, run for your life! Oh wait, they are vegetarians right? They don't eat Doodles? Whew!

Well Mommy asked Jerry Boy why they attack people if they don't eat meat. You know what he said? Cause they can. Well that makes me feel a lot better...NOT! I don't want my buddies eaten, specially the goaties. Mommy took this pic of grizzyly bears in Alaska. They DO eat meat! Glad they don't live here. Mommy tells her clients that travel to Alaska the best way to avoid being attacked by a bear is to always travel with someone you can outrun. What are friends for, huh?

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

POP! KAPOW! POP POP KAPOW!!! Scare the living Doodle Do liver outta me will ya? I'm all chillin with my head laid down on Mommy's shoulder, my widdle arms holding on and she's loving on me. She's scratching me in my favorite place, under my chin, and I'm loving every second of it. Did you know I actually purr like a cat, well almost!

All of a sudden POP, KAPOW, POP POP KAPOW! I jumped straight up and almost landed on Mommy's head in the process. Thought I was a goner for sure! It was just the fireplace popping. Whew, betcha I don't grow any more. Look at Miss Libby warming her sweet self. She insists on coming in at least once a day and Mommy and Jerry Boy let her get away with it.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

What else did I do today? Well first thing this morning after my daily run like a banshee all over the house, I found an acorn and needed a quick hiding place, so I jumped on Mommy's shoulder and tried to stuff it in her ear. Hold still will ya? I'm busy here. Ah well. I'll just wait til she bends over and hide it in the back of her pants. He he he.

BOLO, that's code for be on the lookout! That's what I'm doing, but I got tired so I had to take a snack break, well actually I was guarding my acorn while I was on the lookout. I didn't see any bad guys today but I'm just keeping our place safe.

They'd better be nice cause I'm Super Doodle, and I have super powers. I'm not telling what my super powers are but they are there! So, watch out bad dudes and dudettes, I'm watching you! Well, I'm gonna go flop back down on my crystal ball and keep watch.

I try my best to help Mommy in the office. I'll admit, I was running wild, yup that's normal for me. When Mommy walked in I had unplugged her cell phone and had it in my mouth running away with it. She said "who you gonna call Spunk? Goat Busters?" I gave it back to her cause I couldn't figure out how to swipe that silly screen to make a call. Bummer.

Sometimes my big brown eyes look kinda sad but then Mommy comes and lets me out to play and I'm so, so happy! Like this morning, Jerry Boy was reading and Mommy was sitting in the floor with me while I twisted, jumped, hopped high in the air and did a corkscrew (nice move), ran up and down his chair making it wiggle so he couldn't read his book. I even tried to turn the page for him...betcha he has my pawprints on his Kindle now too.

You're welcome Jerry Boy, glad to be of help. He he he.Umm, I think Mommy told on me; she found my pawprints all over her big desktop screen. Well how do you know they're mine, Mommy? Oh wait, I have to write my story every nite, so I have a good reason, although I'm not admitting it. You might have to fingerprint me first! Good luck with that!

Happy Valentine's Day! It is almost here. Mommy said I'm really too young to date Hunk E. Doodle but I can ask him to be my Valentine and it's ok if I try to look pretty for him. Whoo, he's a hunk! I think I'm just a teenager, so I guess I really am too young for a relationship. Maybe we can just hang out or talk on the Internut (no that's not a typo, it's the official Doodle internet). Kids, don't try getting on the internet (hooman version) without your parents' ok cause it's a skeery world out there and I want to keep you all safe!

Next month spring will be here! Yay, fresh stuff will be in my garden soon. Be good, smile and make someone's day brighter, and remember, Spunky Doodle loves you all.

See ya next month.

Spunky Doodle

Doodleville, USA


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