Spunky Tales: Gardening with Spunky Doodle

Vegetable garden

Gardening with Spunky Doodle

by Linda Suit

I put on my Spunkini Houdini cape and escaped my Happy-tat. Mommy had no idea I was out.

But first, a little history. A few days ago Jerry Boy was supposed to be watching me and he kinda sorta forgot. Mommy found me in her office, her two Juliet tomato plants topsy turvy and potting soil all over the carpet. Oopsie. She was not happy...now the rest of the story.

What? You're supposed to wait for the widdle red things to get on there before you eat them? Hmm, the plants tasted pretty good to me. Oh well, I'll just take this dirt I dug outta the widdle pots you had them in and spread it all over the carpet in your office, then stomp them back down in there. Then I'll pat it down good, that's the way I hide things. Oh yeah, forgot to tell ya, I kinda sorta mixed them up a wee bit so you may be surprised when you plant them, that is if any of them survive. Well you did tell Jerry Boy that the tomato plants probably had a better chance surviving the frost than they did me. Just trying to make sure you were right! If you would just do it my way and plant them in your office you wouldn't have to worry about the weather.

Cousin Joe came to help. Lookit what he brought me! Hey, can you bring a few shovels full to Mommy's office so I can finish my planting in there? Not to worry, Mommy doesn't use that part of her office anyway. Ignore the fact that there is carpet in there cause I spread dirt all over it anywho. It's over by the window so the sunshine will come in and I'm sure anything I plant will grow pretty good. All I have to do is find her stash of seeds, dig some holes in the dirt and cover them up. I will have to figure out how to get them watered. Maybe I can get Jerry Boy to open the window when it rains? Mommy is going to be so surprised when we get through in there. I'm so excited!

Cousin Joe said some of my cousins have been relocating his tulip bulbs. Well, you know if you would just put up signs where they should plant them...well never mind, that probably only works in Doodleville.

Springtime in Doodleville is a busy time, but it's also a time when we kinda want to kick back and just smell the blossoms. We have a widdle pear tree that is so pretty this year. I can't wait for the pears so Mommy brings me the blossoms. The are nummy delicious. You should try them!

Before we get back to gardening let's talk about a very special time of year. It's not just about bunny wabbits, ya know, although they sure are cute. We have another one that is living under the goatie house. A couple of nights ago Mommy went out with the flaslight and wabbit was outside the goatie pen. When Mommy shined the light on it, it got kinda skeered and jumped straight up in the air! Silly wabbit, Trix are for kids!

Easter is a very special time of year. I'll let Mommy tell you a story about her first visit to the Garden Tomb in Israel.

We have been to the garden tomb twice, but the first time I entered I expected to feel an overwhelming sadness as many had said they experienced, as that was where Jesus was buried after He was crucified. When this didn't happen I began to search my heart. When I turned to exit the tomb I saw a simple piece of wood with the words "He is not here for He is risen". With a heart full of joy, I left the tomb. I will never forget that experience and each Easter I am humbled by it and the fact that Jesus loved me enough to bear my burden to Calvary.

So, this Easter, remember Jesus is the real reason for the season.

Now, back to gardening. Mother Nature can't make up her mind whether it's supposed to be hot or cold, and we have still had some freezing temps, but so far we have planted lettuce, kale, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, purple hull peas, kohlrabi, cabbage, and a widdle corn row for me, butternut squash (my favorite), lotsa cucumbers, and cantaloupes (I call them cannon balls). Can you find me in that pic? Yes, the green part is ripe cause they are a special kind. We have a few Roma maters out but Mommy covers them up if it gets cold. They will plant the rest of them after this next cold spell. Okra will go in last. Hopefully we'll grow lots of good stuff and because I'm such a good girl, I'll share with the community. Stay tuned for garden update.

Ok, I may get in BIG trouble for this, but what the heck, so here goes!

You know Mommy hates to go to town, but the weedeater quit and they had to take it to the shop, and Mommy wanted to buy dirt for the garden. I am NOT making fun of Jerry Boy. Most of you know he has a lot of trouble with his memory now, so let's just be lighthearted about this, ok? Jerry Boy asked her at least a dozen times why they were buying dirt and what they were going to do with it. They get to WalMart, pick up one bag of dirt from outside, put it in the buggy and proceed to get the other items Mommy needed. She paid for the grocery items but forgot to ring up the dirt. Yes they were at the self checkout cause it's easier for Mommy dealing with Jerry Boy there. No problem, she just rang up ten bags of dirt and paid for that. Jerry Boy couldn't understand why they were paying the same bag of dirt ten times. So, they go back outside to the dirt pile. Mommy told him to load nine more bags of dirt in the truck. Then she starts looking in her purse for her sunglasses. Nope, not there. She told him she was going back in the store to look for her sunglasses and he said ok. She walked a short way in the store, then guess what? It was kinda dark in there. Guess where her sunglasses were? Yup, on her face! Bahaha, Mommy! So, she turns around, walks back outside to Jerry Boy, and he said "you found them!", to which she replied "yep, found them".

So the moral of the story? Heck, I dunno, but this is too funny! She had them on the whole time they were having the conversation about the lost sunglasses. Sometimes ya just gotta laff at yourself. Now where did she put that dirt? I need some of it in her office!

So that's a wrap for this month...stay tuned for more tales from your favorite Doodle...


Spunky Doodle


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