Spunky Tales: Gardens and Alien Things?

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Spunky Tales: Gardens and Alien Things?

by Linda Suit

Well, we had a cool start to spring, and now it's been raining for a Brazillion days. Our garden is growing flippers! The picture above is before the moonsoons started. Mommy has been putting me outside in my Sunbeam House to soak it up, during the day, but there haven't been many sunbeams lately, and I don't like rain!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Look at this bee-uuu-tee-ful picture of squash blossoms. See the pretty raindrops on them? We are hoping and wishing and praying the rain goes away soon or they are all going to rot. My baby maters were doing so good before this all started, and I need them! We have Romaine lettuce, turnip greens, baby maters (MINE), baby people maters, lots of other babies...squash, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans and butternut squash (MINE). Lots of okra planted but it's still widdle. It needs HOT SUNSHINE!

Beam me up, Scotty! Remember that? Well, Mommy saw something she has never seen before. She came out of the garden and there under the shed was a perfect circle of wiggly, crawly thingies. Whoa, what in the world...or outer space are these? Well, imma tell ya what they are...ALIEN EARTHWORMS! Yup, for real, that's what they are! Creepy things! Go away, you are not welcome here.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Speaking of alien things...about a week ago, Mommy heard there were strange lights in the sky, like hundreds of them! A neighbor got a picture of them, or she wouldn't have believed it. She read they were going to be visible again that night, so she dragged Jerry Boy out after bedtime, and they stood in the field waiting for "them" to appear. Nah, had to be a joke, right, cuz she couldn't find them...then all of a sudden, she turned around, and WOWZA, she yelled "there they are!" Hundreds and hundreds of them, moving through the sky! What on Earth?

Well, they weren't on Earth, Mommy, they were in the sky, and they were bright, and they were moving, and there were LOTS of them! Got yer attention yet? Mommy stood there amazed, and Jerry Boy was too. So, what could they have been? Star-link satellites! There are 1,400 of them now, and there are supposed to be 28,000 before they are finished sending them up. I don't think this is making the astronomers happy, but I'm kinda glad Mommy and Jerry Boy didn't get beamed up cuz I kinda need them down here! Do do do do, do do do do! No, you can't have them!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel
Photo credit: Adam O'Neal

Romeo has been a Mommy's boy lately. He is jealous of the girls. He has been jumping up in the swing with Mommy. We all know that's Miss Libby's swing, right? Well, a couple of nights ago, he got up there and laid his head on Mommy's shoulder. Aww, right? Hold that thought. All of a sudden he jerked his head and BAM, hit Mommy under her eye and now she looks like she's been in a boxing match. I think she better stay home til it heals cuz Jerry Boy wouldn't look good in prison orange. Romeo didn't get in trouble...he didn't mean to do it. Poor boy just needs extra cuddles. After all, he is a boy, right?

Poor Princess Libby is mad at Mommy again. She got scolded for trying to demolish my Sunbeam House and went way out in the field. When she came back Mommy went over to sit by her, and she got up and left. Do goats pout? You betcha!

Mommy had to take Jerry Boy to the hospital for a special test on his brain. He said, “They aren't going to find anything.”. Bwahaha, Jerry Boy, Mommy said she agreed with you for a change! While Mommy was waiting, she noticed something outside the door, and it moved! She went to check it out and there were two baby raccoons all cuddled up. Poor babies, where was their Mommy? The nice nurse said they would call Animal Rescue. They sure were cute, but they needed a Mommy, and I was NOT sharing mine.

Beep beep! Guess what we saw? A big ole roadrunner came running through the field, down our driveway and to the back yard. He turned around, looked at Mommy, said beep beep, and kept right on running. A couple of days later, he was back right next to the porch where I was sunning in my Sunbeam House.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

One day Mommy asked Jerry to play his harmonicas. She brought them outside so I could help him. He has a hard time singing while he has a harmonica in his mouth, so I told him I would help him out! We were an amazing Doodle duet!

A few days ago, things didn't exactly go as Mommy planned. Why? Well, I had other ideas! I knew Mommy was trying to fool me cause she wanted to give me some medicine. Nope, don't like that icky stuff, so I refused to be caught. She was gonna poke that stuff in my mouth, then put me in my Sunbeam House. Round and round we went, and she finally gave up...sorta.

She had a brilliant idea (she thought). She went to get the growling monster that sucks things off the floor. You know I HATE noise. Mommy, that's mean! So, she fires it up and starts pushing it all around the chair where I'm sitting. Her hope was that I would retreat to my Happy-tat. I just went to another chair. So, she pulls out that chair and keeps at it. She finally finishes the kitchen floor (it's pretty big). I'm still hiding in the seat of the chair. She finishes the WHOLE HOUSE and I'm still there. She is not amused. She had plans to work in the garden but ah well. She called me a stinker!

After hours of this game, she gave up. Finally, she managed to snag me, and game time was over. I got medicine poked at me and into the Sunbeam House I went. I was happy out there and laid on my back with my feet sticking up soaking up beams. Sigh, game time can tiring, huh Mommy?

Every night Mommy and I have cuddle time. I give her lots of loves while sitting in my widdle basket. She tells me who needs special cuddles so here they come. You know who you are! Mwaah! See ya next month!

Love from Doodleville, USA

Spunky Doodle


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