Spunky Tales: Happy Fall Y'all

Spunky Doodle at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Happy Fall Y'all

by Linda Suit

It's finally here! I have been wishing for cooler temps as it has been boiling hot here and we were all kinda tired of it. No rain, dust everywhere, Mommy was wearing her grouchy pants some of the time cause people get testy when it's too hot (shh, don't tell her I said that).

Well, lemme tell ya, it went from 99 one day to low 70's the next, and last nite it was 39 degrees. Brrrr! I do wuv having my sliding glass door open though so I can hear the sounds of the creek, the outdoor Doodles, and whatever else comes by.

One of my favorite things is basking in my sunbeam in Mommy's office. This is where I am in the first pic. I seriously wuv soaking up sunshine. I spend a lot of time there. She puters away and I ponder. Works out well for both of us.

Sometimes Jerry Boy comes in and we have chats. He talks to me and I look at him and move my mouth and answer him. That way I don't bother Mommy if she's working. Good girl, huh? I can see a long way and watch other Doodles, deer walking around and lying down by the creek later in the day, big birds coming to fish, leaves falling from the trees, and it's just a beautiful season.

You know, the time of year when there is pumpkin spice everything, apples, sweet potatoes, and my favorite...NUTS and ACORNS! I am so happy cause I look forward to this. I have gotten several packages of acorns in the mail. There sure are some special people out there and I am a lucky Doodle! Remember last month I wrote about Helping Hands? I hope you have been doing something special with yours, cause there are a lot of people that could use a widdle help. I'm counting on you.

Spunky Doodle at Mustard Seed Sentinel

So it's almost time to fall back again. I know a lot of you may be cornfuzzled for a while trying to figure out what time it really is, so I'm gonna try to add to the fuzzling.

This happens the last October in Saturday...um, wait, I mean the last Saturday in October.

Ok, now I got that part right. Next...it's set your clocks BACK an hour then, not forward....it's spring forward, fall back, got it?

Ok, now we move on to something a little more difficult. Ya with me? I want to know how many of my buddies can figure this out, NO CHEATING ON GOOGLE! I'm watching you!

So, if you fly west you are gaining time, right??? You travel through eight different time zones BUT you cross the international date line so you LOSE a day. Why do you lose a day if you are flying west since you are gaining time?

Hmm, back on track. If you gain all these time zones and lose a day, what time is it in Vanuatu? Mommy, where's Vanuatu? She said you go to the end of the world and turn right, or maybe it's left, I'm not sure. Now if you figure that out, what happens to the day you lose? What if you don't come back, is it gone forever? Or what if you keep going???

You keep gaining time and get younger? I've been thinking about this all afternoon so you guys gotta help me out here. I think I'm jet lagged and I haven't even been anywhere.

Spunky Doodle at Mustard Seed Sentinel
Look at these Doodles in the tree. That's right behind our house! They were just hanging out.

I think they feel pretty safe around here. Mommy keeps them fed and they come to visit. Oh, remember Miss Tina, the widdle bitty Doodle from last month? She is doing great! Our sweet Jazzy goat has yummy milk and Miss Tina and the other Doodles that Mr. Robby rescued are thriving on it. Good girl, Jazzy. You're the best! They will be released back to the Great Outdoors when it's time. I'm so happy for them.

Okie dokie, let's talk goaties. You all know we have some spoiled ones, right? Well here's a quick Jazzy story. Yep she's the one that refuses to turn off the milk. Mommy and Jerry Boy finally finished with Pearfest 2019 and I got to go dishpan diving again.

Oh what fun!! I got in there with my bare feet and was throwing cores around everywhere! Whee!! Uh oh, when I started throwing them in the floor Mommy said, times up, girly squirrely, so I hopped out and started rolling around in the towels she had on the table and jumping up and down I was so happy. Then I had a bunch of Mommy cuddle time. Aww, I'm soooo sweet.

Lemme tell ya more about Miss Jazzy. Oh that girl! Mommy went out on the porch as she does every day after dinner. She sat down on the top step with her glass of tea. Miss Jazzy grabs her napkin, takes off running with it, turns over the glass (socks, no shoes for Mommy); Mommy starts running after her on the gravel and Jazzy's waving the napkin around like a victory flag.

Mommy doesn't want her to eat the napkin so she throws a bit of tea in her direction to make her stop. Oops, Mommy drops the glass and it shatters everywhere (remember she's in socks, on gravel). Jazzy turns around and maaaaa's at her like I don't care! Then Mommy still has to catch her to give Jazzy's daily medicine. Ick.

That girl...when she sees Mommy with something she thinks is medicine she backs up and shakes her head no. He he he, sorry Mommy but it's funny. She comes in the house and Jerry Boy says "which goat is in trouble". See, I'm not the only one that gets in the hot seat around here!

I've been practicing my singing. This morning I sang in the kitchen for 15 minutes. Nope, no video this time, you will just have to close your eyes and imagine. I was in the kitchen window and started dancing and swishing my tail, then the barking started, followed by singing.

Jerry Boy comes in and I jumped on his shoulders so I could ride around on my Jerry Tree while I sang and danced. Imagine "bark bark bark, whistle whistle, meow meow meow". That's kinda what I sound like. My nose twitches when I whistle. I think I should be featured on...well, something. I'll bet I would win first place for being a singing, dancing Doodle. Whatcha think?

Spunky Doodle at Mustard Seed Sentinel
Have fun when Halloween gets here. I don't do scary stuff. I like the Happy Fall stuff better.

I think if you are good you will get treats, no need for tricks, so enjoy the fall season and meet me back here when Spunky Tales continues.

I sure do miss you if you're not here. Oh, and be sure to log in so you can leave a comment. You know I have conversations with lots of hoomans, so it's ok. I kinda like them!

Love and see ya next month,

Spunky Doodle

Doodleville, USA


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Linda Suit Spunky Doodle at Mustard Seed Sentinel

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