Spunky Tales: Helping Hands

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Helping Hands

by Linda Suit

Mommy found two baby Doodles in the goatie pen. They had fallen out of their nest, tiny and all wrinkled because they were without milk for a while. Poor babies lost their Mommy. I know how that feels. How did they survive falling that far? You think an Angel maybe had her hand under them guiding them to the ground?

Mommy picked them up and held them gently in her hands and brought them in the house, gave them some electrolytes, then started them on Jazzy milk. That stuff is magic. Mommy tried to find their Doodle Mommy but she didn't come back for them. It was awfully hot and they just couldn't survive out there without a Mommy and milk. So my Mommy kept them in the house and stayed up most of the night feeding them Jazzy milk, and they made it through the night. I just can't get over how tiny they are. In this first picture the widdle boy Doodle is hugging his sissy and I think he was giving her all his energy. More on this in a bit.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Look at this picture of Jerry Boy's hands. See the blisters? He works hard and his hands are rough, but he held these widdle babies in them and they felt safe.

Mommy wanted what was best for the baby Doodles, so she sent a message to her friend, Robby, who knows exactly what to do for animals that have lost their way.

So Mommy and Jerry Boy drove a long way with the baby Doodles to meet Robby, so he could take them and try to nurse them so they could be regular Doodles some day. Before they left, Mommy milked some fresh milk from Jazzy and took it along with a gallon of frozen goat milk so they would have some good food. Our sweet Jazzy is saving lives with her good milk. Good girl, Jazzy.

The next day widdle boy broke out in blisters all over him, and Robby knew fire ants had bitten him really bad. He was just too weak, and quit eating. Widdle boy hugged his sissy to the end giving her comfort and energy to go on. Baby boy Doodle crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and Mommy cried. She wanted him to live so bad and she just hated that she couldn't protect him from those awful ants in our own yard. But he is no longer suffering. Don't cry, Mommy. You at least gave him a chance, and he was loved and cared for the best anyone could.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel
Widdle girl Doodle weighed only one ounce and was about an inch and a half long. Her feet had bad blisters from fire ants too. See her poor widdle feet?

Robby doctored her and a lot of people started praying for her. A good friend named her Tina because she was so tiny. Did you know that baby Doodles' ears are not open for several weeks?

The day after baby boy Doodle went over the Rainbow Bridge, two more Doodles came to Robby, so Tina had someone else to cuddle with. But they were a lot bigger than her, and she had to stay in the incubator a lot longer. He let her snuggle with them while they were in his lap and she enjoyed crawling all over them. Then he got another baby Doodle that was found next to her dead Mommy. That was so sad. She and Tina became best buddies and love to snuggle together. This girl Doodle was named Linda like my Mommy!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Robby took them all on a boat ride this weekend and they all loved the sunshine.

Tina has started filling out and now weighs 2 1/2 ounces. Grow, Tina, grow! Drink that Jazzy milk.

There have been a lot of special hands involved in taking care of all these Doodles.

This is something very beautiful and special. The woman that carved this lived in a colony for lepers, outcast from society, in Liberia.

It was heartbreaking. Her fingers were eaten by the disease but when you look at this Hand of God, think how, despite her deformed hands, she made something beautiful.

The Hand of God wooden carving at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Mommy doesn't remember her face, but she does remember her hands. Remember this statue when you are feeling down, because God always has you in the palm of His hand.

Mommy taught me a song...
Something Beautiful; Something Good; All my confusion, He understood. All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, but He made something beautiful of my life.

Look at your hands. They are such wonderful creations of God. He carefully molded each one with tender, loving care. They are capable of doing such great works. What have you done with your hands? Have you used them to comfort someone in sorrow; clasped them together in prayer; are they calloused and scarred from laboring for someone in need; reached out to someone to lessen their burden?

Think about Jesus and His hands. They are nail scarred and weary, but He is always there to carry your burdens. He will gladly take them from you. We can use our hands to lighten someone's burden along the path of life.

Will you do it for me? I am asking you to clasp them together and pray for my family. They kinda need it right now.

I'm only a Doodle, but I sometimes lie in my nite nite box and ponder, then things like this come out. I wanted to share this "Helping Hands" because it has been on my widdle Doodle heart.

From my hands to yours,


Spunky Doodle

Doodleville, USA


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