Spunky Tales: Making Beautiful Music Together

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Making Beautiful Music Together

by Linda Suit

Before I introduce this amazing couple, I want to say I'm sorry I forgot to wish you all a Happy Halloween...fall y'all, whatever...so, here's a pic of some special people bringing the goaties pumpkins. They always brought goodies but once Mr. Ray bought the wrong kind of peanuts (unsalted), and the goaties told him about it! They wouldn't eat them!

Another short goody before the big intro... Once, Mommy had a really bad hurt finger. Jerry Boy ran a drill bit through it working on the fence (OWIE)! It was her right hand, so she was outta the fence mending business. The phone rang. Mommy didn't want to talk to anybody, but it was Mr. Ray and Mrs. Ruth saying they were bringing food and Mr. Ray was gonna help Jerry Boy with the fence.

Well they showed up with enough food for a month! While the guys worked, I entertained Mrs. Ruth. I liked her a bunch. I hid under my towel and popped my head out, ran in and out of my box playing, grabbed my stick and kicked it while rolling around, then grabbed a nut and sat in front of her twisting back and forth. After a while she sang to me. Sorry Mommy, but she sings way better than you. I watched and listened and would twitch my mouth trying to sing along but just couldn't get the hang of it. The guys came back, and we visited a while, and I was lonely when they left cause they are both so special!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for...

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.... May I introduce one of the greatest pianists of all time! Mr. Ray, along with his lovely wife, Ruth, are some of the most wonderful people God ever put on Earth. They have been friends to Mommy and Jerry Boy for a long time and Mommy says they have been credited many times with recharging her happy batteries.

Mr. Ray started playing piano when he was two years old. His Mother couldn't find a teacher that would teach piano to a two-year-old. Imagine that, huh? Well, at age four it was obvious that he was truly gifted, and the right teacher took him under her wing. He and his beautiful wife, who has an incredible voice and can remember the words to so many songs it is mind boggling, have been making beautiful music for a very long time. Can you believe they have been married almost sixty years? WOWZA! Hang in there with me...more about these amazing people in a sec.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Mommy said I needed to learn to sing for my supper. Jerry Boy sings good, so I have been listening to him. I can't decide if I want to sing soprano or alto but I kinda like a staccato two-part harmony.

So, here goes, just for my friends, Spunky Doodle in concert, singing my special Doodle song. Umm, I think I need voice lessons and I'll bet I could get my buddy, Mr. Ray, and his beautiful wife, Ruth to help. He can play the piano and she can sing a duet with me. Maybe Jerry Boy can join and sing tenor! Yay, I bet I'll be famous in no time. Whaddya think?

Gotta go practice...mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi, next scale please Maestro!

Mr. Ray and Mrs. Ruth were on a cruise with Mommy and Jerry Boy, and Mommy arranged for Mr. Ray to have a private rehearsal. When he sat down at that grand piano, heavenly music began to flow through the door and attracted people who came in, sat, and the music filled their hearts. I am sure they will never forget him.

They have volunteered at a very special adult day care center, where he plays and Mrs. Ruth sings. The people often sing along or get up and dance to their music. I am sure we will never know how much this music means to many of these special adults. Bless you, Mr. Ray and Mrs. Ruth, for bringing joy to those that need something special in their lives.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Mr. Ray's fingers must be magic because when you see him play it's like he almost doesn't even touch the keyboard; it's like angels are guiding his fingers and placing them in the exact right place at the right time. He has a magic touch. Mr. Ray invited Mommy and Jerry Boy to come to their home once for a private concert of music he composed. He was going to perform in Hot Springs and wanted to give it a trial run.

One piece he wrote when he was fifteen years old; one he wrote for friends that had just lost a teenage son to a terrible disease. Another was written in memory of Mr. Ray's parents. Perhaps Mommy's favorite was the one he put to music of what it would be like from space, the unbelievable "view" put to music.

Mommy and Jerry Boy were awestruck as they sat there completely lost in the beautiful music that poured out of Mr. Ray's heart through his fingers. I told you a while back that Mommy and I use a keyboard to write. Mr. Ray uses a keyboard too, so why are they different?

Well, his is filled with the most beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, and soul cleansing talent that is very rare. His sweet daughter, Kathy, told me why. The sounds that come through his keyboard come from his heart. I wish you could hear him play, but just to sit, watch and listen, makes you realize there are a chosen few that are more than just musicians, they are true instruments of something that chose them to be special.

Many can learn to play the piano, but very few can make one reach deep down in your soul and inspire emotions you didn't even realize were there. I'm only a Doodle; I even bit Mr. Ray on the finger once (oopsie, so sorry I was a bad girl), but I know how special this wonderful man and his wife are. They have brought so much joy to so many people, but what's more important, they have brought joy to my Mommy and Jerry Boy, and for that, I will forever be thankful for you both. We wuv you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for your years of beautiful music. Play on, sing on, keeping making that beautiful music that has filled so many people with joy. Sorry, my eyes are leaking a widdle bit here, but I wanted you all to meet these very special friends.

Love from all of us in Doodleville, USA...stay tuned next month for my annual Christmas post. It is one you won't want to miss. Until then!

Spunky Doodle


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