Spunky Tales: Memory Lane with Mommy

Spunky Tales: Memory Lane with Mommy

by Linda Suit

Mommy would like to invite you all on a trip down Memory Lane. I hope this story will make you smile, laff belly laffs, maybe your eyes will leak a widdle, but that's ok.

ONCE UPON A TIME two people fell in love and got married. I'll call Mommy's Mama Mother Grace cause that is what a lot of people called her, and her Daddy Woody, cause that was one of his nicknames. They bought a house down the road from Mother Grace's parents. Mommy was born on her Grandpa's birthday and he called her his Birthday present.

He was Norwegian, and oh, how he loved his family. He went to Heaven when Mommy was just over a year old. Grandma was part Cherokee Indian, and they had a BUNCH of children. Mother Grace and Woody were some of the best people God ever put on earth. They did so much for others and never expected anything in return. They didn't have much but would have given you their last dollar. The greatest gift they ever gave was their love to so many. Hold on, Mommy's eyes are leaking on the keyboard.

Oh so memories from that time. Mommy was an only child. I guess they threw away the mold after her. But she had some cousins that became her sisters they were so close. DebMom calls Mommy her bonus sister! Oh how she loves them still. Sheila, Donna (Snookie), DebMom...then Susie. They lived in a small house on Grandma and Grandpa's property; another sister and family lived in the basement of the big house. Two aunts lived down the hill.

Aunt Lillian was Mommy's "other Mama". The bonus sisters and Mommy were together so much it seemed like they all lived together. DebMom remembers Mommy and Sheila teaching her to do the twist. There seemed to always be food and music involved. No, DebMom, you can't go on dates with the big girls! Ya, right.

Mommy and Sheila were jumping on Mother Grace and Woody's bed and they got a bit rowdy. Mommy's head smacked Sheila's nose and blood went everywhere. Oops, they had to clean it up before they got caught! Mommy still has that bedroom suite made from cherry wood.

Mommy didn't know either of her Grandpas because Woody's Dad went to Heaven before she was born. His Mother, Grandma Chapman, had some wise words for Mommy when she was a teenager..."get into a little devilment each day". Well, I'm pretty sure Mommy is gonna live forever.

Next door neighbors were Mr. Bowen and The Girl Mr. Bowen (that's what Mommy called her). Girl Mr. Bowen was Mother Grace's best friend. Mr. Jim and Mrs. Audrea lived there too, with their sons, Charles and Darrell. Charles was just older than Mommy and they often played together. Mommy was quite a tomboy. Once while playing softball (she was pitching), she got hit in the Adam's Apple with the ball, and down she went! Charles, thought he had killed her!

Mr. Jim offered to pull a loose tooth for Mommy. That rascal tied a string around a door knob and was going to tie the other end around her tooth. When Mommy realized what he had planned she skedaddled down the hill faster than the speed of sound. It's a wonder she didn't crash through the front screen door! Mr. Jim sure did laff!

Mother Grace seemed to be cooking all the time, feeding the whole community. They had a BBQ pit and Woody was in charge of the meat. Mommy says she can still see the huge table in the kitchen overflowing with food. Sometimes there were so many people they used the back porch too. They would often make homemade ice cream and DebMom sat on the churn while the older kids cranked.

Woody loved to play his guitar and sing. He, Mr. Bowen and Jim sure did make some beautiful music.

Once, Mother Grace looked out from the porch and there came Mommy riding home on Grandma's cow. When she told Jerry Boy this story he said..."how do you steer a cow", to which Mommy replied..."it was a cow not a steer". Bahaha, get it? Oh the stories that could be told on Mommy!

Mother Grace said once it was a widdle too quiet in the house. Ruh roh, where was Mommy? All of a sudden she heard a scream from the pantry where Uncle Bill was building shelves. Mommy came prancing back in the living room, hands on hips, proud look on her face, declaring..."I bite Uncle Bill!" She had walked up behind him while he was on a stepstool and nailed him on the leg!

Mother Grace gave Mommy a haircut once and her bangs looked like someone cut them with a weedeater!

The bonus sisters and Mommy were in Grandma's crabapple tree eating as many as they could. Grandma told them to come down before they got a bellyache, and Mommy said "but there are still apples up here!"

Mommy was asked to feed Grandma's goats, except she didn't tell her not to bend over in front of Billy goat. Yup you guessed it, she bent over and BAM! Now she knows what getting butted means. You know we have goaties now but they behave a widdle better!

There finally came a day when it was time to move, when Mommy was a young teen. The house was sold to a church, front and back porches enclosed, and a steeple put on top. There is now a newer church at the road, but her house still stands today. There is much love and many memories inside those walls. The whole family moved away from that area within a few miles of each other, but always close together in their hearts.

This is what family is all about. Even though Mommy was an only child, the bonds she has with her family will never fail. You may not know this about my Mommy, but she loves with her whole heart, and when her family hurts, she hurts deeply. This past year has been rough with so much sickness and death. Snookie went to Heaven a few days ago and everyone misses her terribly. I have been giving Mommy extra cuddles and love because I know she needs it. Whatever your differences are with family, overlook them, keep the bonds together...you need each other.

I am gonna wrap my Spunky wings around you all, and pray that you will be safe and happy.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Spunky Doodle

Doodleville, USA


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