Spunky Tales Presents: Miss Libby Long Legs, This is Your Life!

Miss Libby Long Legs, This is Your Life!

by Linda Suit

Miss Libby lived with some very bad people. Tied on a 3 foot rope, no food, water, hay, or shelter to get out of the rain. She was scared of everything. Covered in bugs and had been bitten on the ear by a dog. She was very skinny. She had no one to play with and goats need a buddy.

Mommy's heart broke when she saw what was happening. How could they treat a sweet little creature like this? Mommy talked to a lot of people trying to get help for this little girl, but everybody said...it's just a goat.

Well there was one special lady with Animal Rescue that was determined to do something about it. She tried to talk to the bad people but they said ugly words to her and threw the hay away she had left for "Libby". Told her to mind her own business. Libby was getting sicker by the day and Mommy and the special lady knew something had to be done. Libby was liberated from this bad place with the bad people. That's all I can tell you about this part.

Mommy carried her to the truck after she was freed from the bad place. From the first moment she was in Mommy's arms she gave her heart to her. She sat in the floor like a good girl and never tried to move. Mommy brought her home and broke down in tears. Libby was free at last. Liberated...Libby.

She put her in the bathtub and gave her a bath to get the bugs off of her, and even though goats hate water, Libby just stood there looking up into Mommy's sad eyes. Mommy's tears were dripping onto Libby as she lovingly bathed her. Then she dried her with a towel and sat with her in her lap, rocking her while she dried off. Mommy told her no one would ever be bad to her again. She had a forever home where she would be loved.

She handed her to Jerry Boy and he took her out on the porch and sat on the swing with her. This is a picture of Libby with her head under Jerry Boy's neck giving him love she had never been able to give anyone.

She didn't know how to eat hay or drink. Mommy tried for three days to get her to drink water but it was like she didn't know what it was.

She had never had hay and Mommy had to teach her how to eat it. She didn't know how to eat grain.

She didn't know she could walk more than a couple of feet because she had always been tied up. She just stood in one spot. Mommy's heart continued to break, but she would not give up.

We kept her in the house for two months until she got better and a little used to the other goaties. Mommy would take her out on a leash for walks to teach her she could move around. She didn't know how to play like other goats. Finally, Mommy thought it was time to let Libby run free, so she took the leash off and for a long time she just walked along with Mommy looking up at her.

Slowly Libby found her goatie legs and began to run...and she never looked back. She kicked up her heels, jumped, twisted, rolled her head around, like she was singing to the world that she was now a happy little goatie girl.

Libby doesn't have horns, so she had to be careful around the other goaties. Mommy and Jerry Boy have always protected her and she has her own special stall where she can feel safe. She never got over feeling scared of someone being mean to her and is pretty shy with other people, but not with Mommy and Jerry Boy. If you come to our house and Libby lets you pet her, you are special.

She sure has grown since she's been here. She is long and lean, and her legs have grown like weeds! Jerry Boy feeds her in a special place, and she never gets in a hurry to go to her feed because she knows he will watch over her and make sure nobody takes it away from her. She is taller (that's where she got the Long Legs name), longer, and she's really strong.

One time Jerry Boy was trying to hold her while Mommy put medicine in her ears. Ha, this little hornless wonder doesn't have handles to hold on to and Jerry Boy was standing over her trying to hold on and she bucked and threw him backward and he banged his head on a metal sewing machine stand. Then she just casually walked away like "you might not wanna try that again buster".

I call her Miss Libby Long Legs cause she has longer legs than our other goaties, but she has lots of names. Libby, Miss Libby, Miss Libby Long Legs, LLL, L3, Knothead (cause of her little giraffe nubs instead of horns), Miss Prissy, and Sassybritches.

This girl sure loves Mommy, and that's ok. Every time she sees Mommy, she runs to her and wraps herself around Mommy as close as she can. She loves Jerry Boy too, but Mommy is her special Hooman. She comes inside to visit cause she thinks she's a Princess and has special privileges. Well...that's true. No matter who might be here, she will demand to come in the front door if it's opened. Miss Prissy will then walk through the living room, through my den, stop to say hi to me, lots of times nose to nose, and I don't try to bite her. It was kinda funny the first time I smelled a goatie nose. Then she goes in the kitchen looking for a treat. Of course she gets one.

When she was widdle she found out she could jump straight up. Well that was fun when those spring loaded legs jumped straight up on the table! Then one day she marched into Mommy's office and jumped on her desk. Papers and files went flying everywhere. I'm not sure where all Mommy's clients wound up that year, but I think some of them may have been sent to the wrong continent. Nah, Mommy's a good travel agent, and she just used her special magic wand and fixed it.

Libby came in late one day and there was a fire in the fireplace. Mommy put her old coat down and she laid there enjoying it. Ahh.

She loved our old Tinker Doggie. Tinker is now running free over The Rainbow Bridge, but they were best buds.

She also loves a pillow. Juliet took it away from her by pawing at it and pulling it with her teeth. Poor Libby lost the pillow fight, so Mommy found another pillow for her.

Libby got sick one time and Jazzy comforted her while she laid on the swing.

They usually don't get too close without being testy with each other but this was too sweet.

Romeo thinks he's her protector and he will shoo the girls away from her if they give her the stinkeye.

This wonderful, sweet, sassy, spunky (oh wait that's my name) little girl is a constant source of smiles and belly laughs.

Mommy and Jerry Boy watch her as she winds that head up like a windmill, thens take off running, twisting, bounding, then hop hop hop.

Sometimes the other goaties look at her like who wound you up! She even wallows in the grass like a dog and loves to lie down in a bed of wildflowers.

So, this is the story of our Libby Long Legs. She has a very special place in our hearts. I hope you enjoyed my..."Miss Libby Long Legs...This Is Your Life". We sure do love her.

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