Spunky Tales: Roaring in to 2020

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Spunky Tales: Roaring in to 2020

by Linda Suit

WELCOME TO 2020! Mommy, what's a decade? I thought it was something like stairs that help you get up on the deck? I've never been in a new decade. Anywho, Miss Libby says Happy New Year from all of us!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Speaking of roaring into 2020, take a look at these pics! You know tigers can eat you right, especially itty bitty Doodles like me, so if you see any tigers do not get close. LITTLE BUDDIES, WARNING! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

I often sneak up on the wardrobe in Mommy's bedroom and visit her stuffed animals. I'm not supposed to, but hey, a girl's gotta have some fun, right? Speaking of stuffed, Mommy and Jerry Boy, you do know those tigers you are rolling around with are real, right? BIG, fanged, clawed, REAL tigers! And they didn't take sleeping pills either! What were you thinking? Good thing they weren't stuffed when they got through with you! Eeek! That's plumb scary!

Those guys live in Thailand in a sanctuary where they keep them until they are two years old and then help them learn to live in the wild again. Cool, huh? Mommy and Jerry Boy had a trainer with them and they went in with all sizes, even BIG two year old males. What did you say? The trainer had an itty bitty stick about as big around as your pinky and if the big guys got "naughty" he tapped them on the nose? Well, I guess that makes it ok, huh?

Mommy, we need to have a talk, cause I think sometimes your marbles are not rolling around in the right place. Just saying. Look at Jerry Boy! That tiger's tail is wrapped around him. The tiger did what to my Jerry boy? He kicked him to the ground? Ok, you are NOT doing that again, ever, ok? I'm smart, you guys gotta listen to me.Whaddya think, buddies, you think Mommy and Jerry Boy were smart to do this? Hmmm. I'm gonna learn the song..."I've Got a Tiger By The Tail".

Speaking of singing, I can't figure this out. Jerry Boy plays a harmonica and he sings too. Well you know I can sing, so I've been practicing, but I also want to play the harmonica cause it sounds good when he does it. How am I gonna do this? I have to put the harmonica in my mouth to play it but I have to use my mouth to sing. Oh wait, I can't do both at the same time? Bummer!

I guess Jerry Boy will have to play harmonica while I sing and I'll play while he sings. That will work right? Fiddlesticks, I've been trying to figure this out ALL DAY! Why didn't somebody explain this to me? I know I have a lot of musical friends out there. I sure did waste a lot of time rolling that one around in my widdle Doodle brain. After I finished singing I had a major cuddlefest with Mommy. Aww.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Winter time here brings stinky things...whoa...let's back up a little, and when I say back up, I mean BACK UP! Last nite there was a really stinky smell. Ewww, where is that coming from? Pepe LePew, is that you? Phewwww! Stinky stink. Mommy lit candles all over the house. I think the goaties ran and buried their heads in the hay.

It's ok Mommy, I got this. I'll take care of that bad guy. Aww, there's two of them and they're so cute! They look like little kittens. Can we keep em, puh-leese? Umm, Spunky, she said, you know that's what's causing all this stinky smell, right? Oh look what I found! Remember Flower from Disney movie? I found her!! I kissed her on the nose; well I was really biting her on the nose but didn't want Mommy to know that. Uh oh, I don't think Flower liked that so I ran behind her.

Wrong move cause I think that's the business "end". Icky icky icky, now I gotta take a bath. Nooooo, I hate baths! Ah well, I guess I'll have to smell all girly again. I hope PePe LePew keeps his phewwww away tonite cause it really, really smells...ick. Believe it or not Jerry Boy can't smell it. Really, Jerry Boy?

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

I have been a very good girl all year...well it's early yet but I'm doing my best. I am learning to play better with Jerry Boy and trying to help Mommy. When I got out of my Happy-tat this morning I ran for Mommy's office.

She's been telling me the last few days I didn't have to go to work but I don't think I can get out of it today.

So, up on the top of the bookshelf I went to spin the globe to see where to send people. Where you wanna go? We can help you! Sometimes I get things kinda mixed up though and people that think they're going to Alaska may wind up in South Africa, speaking of which, see this picture? Can you tell me what's different about it? You know these guys live in S. Africa, right?

Mommy and Jerry Boy have seen them. Do you know what they're called? Meerkats! For my little buddy friends, can you tell me some other animals that live way down there? I'll give ya a hint...lions (no tigers down there).

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Speaking of roaring, this dude is a beautiful guy called a Black Collared Lion. Mommy and Jerry Boy saw him in S. Africa. He is amazing, isn't he? You all get to see him without sitting for an eternity on an airplane! Jerry Boy said there are just some things in the world that are too far away.

Happy 2020 everyone, smile, make it it count!

I'm gonna say Auf Wiedersehen til next month. In case you don't speak German, that's goodbye, or...see ya later!

Love to you all from Spunky Doodle, Doodleville, USA


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