Spunky Tales: Spunky Doodle...Then and Now

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Spunky Doodle...Then and Now

by Linda Suit

I was widdle, lost and alone. I couldn't find my Mommy anywhere and I was very scared. Oh look, here comes someone! He came close and I peeked over some bushes. I decided I really needed him as a friend, so I was brave and climbed on his glove. Boy was he surprised! He talked to me but then he left, so I hid in the bushes again. I was so afraid.

Please let him come back. Yes, there he is! I was glad to see him cause I was really worried since it was getting late and I was hungry. He sat down, played and talked with me. I tried to tell him he was nice but I really needed a Mommy. Oh no, he's leaving again.

What am I going to do? I don't know how to take care of myself. Yes! Here he comes with a lady. I hope she's nice and wants me cause I really need her. I will do my best to convince her I'll be good. I ran from behind a tree and before she knew it, I was on her shoulder. Hi! Then I kissed her neck and sat on her head. She was really surprised I didn't bite her.

We played for a bit but then she put me down and they walked away. No, please, you can't leave me, I'm all alone. I need you to be my Mommy! She looked kind of sad but kept walking, so I followed them. I was not taking no for an answer! I ran up her leg, into her arms and wouldn't let go. She looked at the nice man, then down at me and said, "Ok, Spunky, you can come home with us."

Silly lady thought I was a boy at first! I lost my squirrel Mommy and that made me really sad but how lucky can I be to find someone to take care of me? They took me home, fed me, but now the bad part...she gave me a bath! I'm so glad I found them, even after the bath cause I got to snuggle with her. My new Mommy and Jerry Boy take really good care of me, even if they do make me eat veggies before I get my nut for dessert.

Mommy made my bed in a cat carrier (sure glad there's no cat in there). She let me out to run around when she could watch but said it was hard to get any work done with a baby squirrel climbing on top of her head, biting at her fingers as she puttered, running across the keyboard, climbing inside her shirt, rolling over in her lap grabbing at her fingers. Hey, that's why they call us squirrely!

The next few days I was so happy I was bouncing off the walls, turning flips in Mommy's lap, running up and down her chair, so she gave me to Jerry Boy. I curled up in his pocket to sleep. A few nights later I was asleep in his pants pocket after all my antics, and Mommy was ready to put me to bed. First trick was to get me out of his pocket, so Jerry Boy reached in to get me and I was not having it. I started kicking and burrowing deeper.

So, he has a mad squirrel in his pocket and every time he tries to get me I kick, bite and squeal trying to get him to leave me alone...getting the picture? He is stretching to give me more room and I am getting pretty close to forbidden territory. The look on his face is priceless. He is squirming to avoid permanent damage and Mommy is laughing so hard she almost fell out of her chair. Moral of the story, when a squirrel is sleepy let her sleep!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

One of my very favorite places was inside Mommy's robe, lying on my back with my widdle hands and feet curled up. Nothing better than cuddling with your Mommy. I still do this in my nite nite box inside my Happy-tat. Oh let me tell you about my Happy-tat. Jerry Boy built it for me so I would have a huge place to run and play. I have a real tree, places to hide nuts and goodies, and best of all I can look out a huge window to the creek and see all the outside critters. Don't feel sad that I wasn't released outdoors because Mommy worked with a rehabber and it was decided that I couldn't survive without a squirrel Mommy to teach me how to look for food and stay hidden from bad guys that might get me. So, I'm very happy to stay here with Mommy and Jerry Boy. Now I have an outdoor condo too!

I have learned to sing, growl, bark, chatter, and even purr...the many voices of Spunky Doodle.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Fast forward to today...it's been over five years...I'm a big girl, our farm now has the beloved name of Doodleville, and all Doodles (squirrels) are safe here. We have lots of other outdoor life too, but the Doodles are very special to us. Just this week, a Mommy Doodle brought my Mommy two babies and put them in a nest above the back patio, under the roof, so they are safe and protected. They peep out and look at Mommy, and I'm sure Mommy Doodle will teach them to come up to the sliding glass door and visit when they are old enough. She will teach them to be wild Doodles, but they also will have hoomans here that they will come to trust as well. Some of our beloved Doodles are now over the Rainbow Bridge, and that makes us sad, but we are so grateful to have had such sweet and fun times with them. Sweet Scruff E. Doodle even brought Mommy a present, put it in her hand, and traded for a nut...aww!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

I have a lot of friends young and old that love reading my stories. I even have conversations with them. Can you imagine people actually talking to a Doodle? Take my word for it, they do! When I got discouraged from writing, someone would say, "Spunky, you are the only thing that brought a smile to my face today". So you see, I was sent here for a special reason, to bring laughter, teach my widdle friends about life, and tug at your heartstrings. So please tune in the second Saturday in each month and share my journey. It's been a wild ride, but worth the trip.

Love from Spunky Doodle, Doodleville, USA


About the Author

Linda Suit at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Linda Suit is a city girl turned country. A travel agent by trade, she and her husband, Jerry, live in rural Arkansas with their animals including an amazing pet squirrel, Spunky Doodle.

Spunky has brightened the lives of many with her stories. She is quite a character and definitely lives up to her name of Spunky.

Linda has traveled the world. Her passion for missions comes alive in her stories from remote areas. She will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings.

Come along and share the adventures. It has been an amazing journey. You can learn more about Linda on Facebook and on Twitter.

You can read Linda’s “Spunky Tales” column on the 2nd Saturday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.

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