Spunky Tales: Spunky's May Doodlings

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Spunky's May Doodlings

by Linda Suit

Hey all you Mommies...Happy Mother's Day! I don't know about you but I'm going to be extra special good to my Mommy on her special day. She deserves it!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Spring brings baby animals, and we have teeny baby birds, a baby wabbit and baby Doodles in a nest in the hole of a tree right outside my Happy-tat! Fox E is a regular visitor again and

Mommy is enjoying hand feeding her. I'm hanging out watching everything going on outdoors. Speaking of which...read on! Things can get a bit crazy in Doodleville.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

THE GREAT TRACTOR PULL...Starring Jerry Boy...

Boy hidey what a day! Mommy started off planting a few things in the garden...well, fewer than she intended cause she bought a carton of six cabbage plants and somehow something bit the tops off three of the plants. I think there must be a creature in the house that eats cabbage plants. I have no knowledge of this. She did have two tomato plants that seemed to survive overnight quite well. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

So, Jerry Boy mowed the lower field this morning and then told Mommy he was going to the upper field that surrounds the pond. Pond + days of rain = very very wet and muddy. She TOLD him to stay WAY away from the pond cause he has one of those zero turn mowers that seems to have a mind of its own and if one front wheel starts downhill, away it goes, Jerry Boy and all. I would tell ya how many times he has been stuck but I can't count that high.

So Mommy goes back out to pull grass from around blueberry bushes and sees the top of the truck up there. Hmm, trouble on the horizon. She walks up there and Jerry Boy had tried to pull the mower out with the truck. Mower had one back wheel in the pond and the truck is slipping and sliding backward toward said pond with Jerry Boy in it. Jerry Boy, it helps if you don't put it in reverse when you're trying to pull something.

Getting the picture? Mommy's steam vent is starting to blow by now. Said truck is NOT coming out of its own accord. She threatened to call for help. That really made Jerry Boy feel special and he let her know it. Ruh roh. Run, Jerry Boy, run!! Mommy suggests getting the tractor, which is four wheel drive...smart Mommy I've got, huh? No, goaties, you cannot drive the tractor! Well, Jerry Boy's not having much luck up there! They hook the truck up with looooong chains and Jerry Boy is driving the tractor and Mommy is in the truck (which is almost in the pond), and yee haw, away they go! One down. Now to the mower. They get it chained and Jerry Boy is dragging it (literally). Mommy is screaming STOP!! Why? Jerry Boy forgot to set it where the wheels would roll without it running and somebody driving it.

So wheels are locked and Jerry Boy is digging trenches all the way up the hill. Yup you guessed it...steam vent blew big time! I would name her Old Faithful, except you never know when she's gonna blow! I've heard of mud slinging, but somehow I didn't think this was what it was all about. I think they are both gonna need a bath tonite, and their boots...well...let's just say they are both walking a widdle taller cause of all the stuff stuck to the bottom of them. That's not to say there isn't any on the rest of the boots too. The truck and mower are now a nice shade of MUD! You know Mommy used to be a city girl, right? I think she may be considering asking for that job back.

And there you have it...The Great Tractor Pull...starring Jerry Boy. Don't worry, he has his pillow and blankie ready to take to the goatie house. He will be quite comfy out there. He has stopped bleeding and is expected to make a full recovery. Good thing they are self isolating though so nobody will see his boo boos.

Now that everybody is unstuck, let's talk gardening. Thank you, dear neighbors, for putting TONS of chicken poop on your yard, fields, wherever! It stinks so bad here you can hardly stand to walk outside, I mean STINKS! Jerry Boy can't smell, lucky guy! And the flies are EVERYWHERE! YUCK!

Hey Mommy, is this the way you are supposed to plant cantaloupe seeds? You break them open with your teeth and eat out the goody first right? Oops, I bit a hole in the bag. Ah well, such is life on the farm. Just another mess to clean up. Maybe the cantaloupes will just grow in the kitchen and Mommy won't have to go outside to get them huh? Hope I didn't plant them upside down.

Mommy went back out to work in the garden. Jerry Boy was given "instructions" NOT to come out there because his back is not happy. Mommy told him if he showed up she was going to start pulling up plants and throwing them away. Smart guy, he stayed inside. Unlucky Mommy though, came in stinking like chicken poop! I wanted NOTHING to do with her, dove in my nite nite box and covered my head! Peee-uuuu!

We had another goat rodeo today. Juliet did NOT want to be caught. I don't know who was more tired, poor Juliet or Mommy. Guess who won? Well of course Mommy did. That gal can snap that hand out and grab a goat handle (horn) before you can blink. I think she could catch a fish with her hands. She is part Indian ya know. You should see her when she's on the war path. Plum skeery she is! Well Juliet got all fixed up with her feet trimmed, brushed, and buggie stuff put on her. Now she feels all better and is willing to let them love on her again. Lover boy Romeo was sweet tonite too and Jazzy is always demanding of Mommy's attention. Sometimes Libby Long Legs gets jealous...well let's face it...most of the time...and she will snap and bite Jazzy on her milky thingy! Really, Miss LLL, that's downright unladylike! Jazzy thinks she's hiding under the hay. Hey, I see you!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

So, this is a wrap for May Spunky Tales. Hopefully next month I'll be eating lots of fresh veggies and I hope you come back and say hi. Until then...Spunky Doodle loves you all (especially the Mommies).

Love from Doodleville, USA

Spunky Doodle


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