Spunky Tales: Summertime Fun in Doodleville

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Summertime Fun in Doodleville

by Linda Suit

Before I tell you about our summertime fun, let me tell you about mousie/rattie (we're not exactly sure). Mommy was getting my Sunbeam House ready to put me out for a while and found this widdle boy stuck! He tried to get in through one of the 1/2" squares and got stuck halfway. Poor widdle guy. He had probably been there most of the night. Mommy carefully freed him, dribbled some water on him, held him for a while to make sure he was gonna be ok, then took him out to the field and let him run free. Be good widdle mousie/rattie...you got a second chance. Mommy said he was a cutie, and she just wanted him to have a chance at the life he was born to live. Aww.

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

The garden is amazing this year. Remember our friend, Joe, who brought magic mulch? It worked! We have about a gazillion cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, okra is starting, cantaloupes are growing, and best of all...my butternut squash are getting big and beautiful. I won't go hungry this winter!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Did ya know wabbits and Doodles play with each other? Well they do here in Doodleville! Mama wabbit was out by the tree and one of our silly trio of Doodles born this spring was teasing her! Mama wabbit would stretch and reach up as far as she could on the tree and silly Doodle was upside down just far up enough that she couldn't reach him. It was just so cute! The cover picture is him playing peekaboo with Mommy. He and his brother were rolling around, one would grab a stick and wrestle with it, then jump behind the tree. Mommy was in the garden today and widdle baby wabbit was hiding in the cucumbers. You can have all you want...Mommy is threatening to pour weed killer on them they growing so fast! Life is fun here sometimes. Just kinda makes you go...sigh...how sweet is that.

Mommy, I hungry! I don't care if these are the goaties' sunflower seeds. They need to share! Ruh roh, Romeo heard me and is knocking on the door!

Spunky Tales at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Now that I have used up all my pictures, I'll just have to paint the next story with words...so close your eyes, grab a dose of courage, and let your imagination run wild. Caution...IT'S SKEERY!

It's the wee hours of the morning, Jerry Boy and Mommy are fast asleep. Something jumps in the middle of his chest and skitters down in the bed. He is instantly awake and wondering what kind of creature is attacking him in the safety of his bedroom. For an old guy he sure can move fast! It's a good thing he didn't grab the thing that goes boom cuz there would have been a big hole in the bed and that would have woke Mommy up. He jumps up, lifts the covers, and guess what he found? A new type of alarm clock? Hmm, nope.

It was yours truly, having escaped my Happy-tat and who knows how long I had been out. I'm certainly not telling. Maybe at this point I shouldn't say any more until I lawyer up. He has the audacity to chase me out of the bedroom...we take a tour of the living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room...getting the picture? I run and jump on top of my Happy-tat where he can't reach me. He's not too happy right about now cuz I skeered the liver outta him when he woke up from a deep sleep, then he had to chase me all over the house. He finally gave up and went back to bed...with me on the loose. Bwahaha! Do I dare try it again? Nah, I've had nuff fun this early in the morning. Mommy slept through the whole thing!

Fast forward to Mommy finally getting up, my Happy-tat door is wide open and I'm playing jump the lamp shade to the couch game. Ruh roh. She doesn't like it when I wiggle in the Van Briggle lamp. She finally catches me and walks outside holding me on her shoulder. She yells to Jerry Boy and asks if he let me out of my Happy-tat. I think he mumbled something I'm not supposed to repeat. So, how did I get out? Well, I have special powers ya know...kinda like Houdini...just call me Spunkini Houdini.

Now...the sequel to above Spunkini Houdini doozy story...

Did you know Jerry Boy takes a shower naked? Well, I sure know it now. Yikes! Plum skeery to a widdle innocent girl like me. Mommy often takes me into the bathroom to say good morning to him after he comes in from goatie chores. Well this particular morning, he was just stepping out of the shower, IN HIS BIRTHDAY SUIT! Well, I decided to cover my eyes and be a good girl and say good morning (hold that thought, snicker snicker). Well, you all know I just can't behave all the time, right? So, I decided to take a tour. No, it wasn't a guided tour, much to his dismay. That boy has thin skin and for some reason he just didn't like me taking this tour with claws extended so I could hang on. Is this what they call riding bareback? Yee haw, go Jerry Boy, go! He's bucking and snorting, I'm hanging on. Mommy, well, she's about to bust a gut laffin. Shame on you, Mommy! I think we both need a widdle help. She finally straightens up, removes me from Jerry Boy's backside, and off we go. It's ok, I think he'll survive, but he's not too happy with either of us right now, especially since Mommy laffed so hard. Us girls gotta stick together and have some fun, right?

Mommy put me in my Sunbeam House to soak up some rays. There has been a widdle boy Doodle coming to visit and that's why I have had goat guards lately. Mommy says NO BOYS ALLOWED! You know some Daddies threaten boys with shotguns, right? Well, Jerry Boy said he might have to sit out there with the goaties and skeer the boys away. Sheesh, I can't have any fun! Oh wait, I did have some fun with Jerry Boy, but that was a whole different kinda thing.

I discovered a new treat...squash blossoms! Nummy they are. Mommy brings me one or two every day. Did ya know there are male and female squash blossoms? Well, there are. I'm a smart Doodle, so I know these things!

So there ya have it...my doozy of a story. Go ahead and laff, I won't tell Jerry Boy.

Stay cool, laff, and make someone smile. I'll see ya next time!


Spunky Doodle/aka Spunkini Houdini


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