Spunky Tales: Summertime in Doodleville

Spunky Tales: Summertime in Doodleville

by Linda Suit

IT IS HOT!!!!! How hot is it, you ask? Jerry Boy's Grandpa told him one summer here in Arkansas it was so hot, he was plowing popcorn with the mules (yes you really grow popcorn), it was so blame hot, that popcorn started popping, the fields got covered in white and those poor ole mules thought it was snow and laid down and froze to death!

NOW THAT'S HOT! So, be sure to drink lots and stay cool! I have a very special mug with our pictures and names on it, and it was sent to us by a very special, sweet friend, and we love her a bunch! Smoochies to this sweet lady! Mommy said she would share it with me but first I have to learn how to drink out of a straw. I'm practicing, Auntie Prissy!

I was running at warp speed in the kitchen today, made a huge jump, landed on Mommy's chest and just looked up and gave her a big old smoochie. Aww, I'm so sweet. Hold that thought.

Hmm, Jerry Boy came in wet for about the third time today, so he had his pants off drying them under the fan and he was sitting in the chair in his undies. Mommy took me over to say hi to him. We have lots of Jerry Boy chats. Oh no, an almost naked hooman! Eeek! He reached up to pet me and I bit him on the finger. Well he was plum skeery looking! I just went from docile, sweet Doodle laying with my head on Mommy's shoulder to "strike like a snake" fast. It's ok, it's ok, he didn't bleed!

But Mommy scolded me, took me in the kitchen and I pouted and hid under the table in my chair. I'm sorry buddy, I didn't mean it. Well they both went outside for a while and when Mommy came back in I was wrestling with my sticks in my house. It's so stinkin funny when I grab them with both feet and hands and roll around on the floor. Then I stuck my rump in the air and stood on my head with the stick in my mouth.

It's so hot Romeo started wearing a hat! Smart boy, that one!

HEY, I smell a rat! For real! Here's the story. Mommy and Jerry Boy heard something crawling underneath the house for a while. Jerry Boy would get up in the middle of the night and stomp on the floor to try to make it go away. Picture this, old guy (sorry Jerry Boy) stomping around in the bedroom in the middle of the night, it's like he's doing a tribal dance. There are other details I could share about this but Mommy said I had to be nice (sorta).

So, finally they gave up and put some anti rat medicine under the house. Not to worry, it's safe from any other animals. Sooo, a few days ago Mommy starts smelling something. Jerry Boy can't smell anything, I mean NOTHING. So, after two days of stinky rat, they decide to investigate. Phewwwww! Stinky rat! The rascal had pulled out the plastic and insulation under Jerry Boy's sink.

More "picture this". Small crawl space, can't even sit up under there, so Mommy "volunteers" to crawl in, she's folded up, she sticks her hand (gloved) up in there to see if she can feel anything. Brave? Well...nope can't find anything, so they decide to try to seal the hole back up. Jerry Boy goes to build a thingy to put up against the bottom of the house so the rat can't come back. Well this one is sure not going anywhere. He be seriously dead! Jerry Boy brings the thingy.

Mommy's shaking her head. Hmm, nope, not gonna fit, so he takes the legs off. Mommy is 71, Jerry Boy is 81. If only there was a video of this I would be one rich Doodle. You should have seen them trying to wiggle under there then put the legs back on that thingy. Mommy has a bunch of rods in her back so it won't bend, and she has lots of screws too. She said she didn't know if she threw a rod or just had a screw loose. Well never mind on that one.

Jerry Boy was twisted in so many knots I thought we were gonna have to call a jeweler to untangle him. Mommy's shoes kept coming off. She finally sat there and started laughing. She said she would have tickled Jerry Boy but if his head had hit the house it would have knocked it wonkers. Mommy said DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD WE ARE!!! Oh yeah, guess where the goats were while all this was going on? Well, Mommy had to crawl back out and chase them away with the water hose. You laffin yet? Come on, laugh laugh, laugh, it's good for you! You're welcome!

Peeee-uuuuu, Mommy! What happened to you? You stink! Ick ick ick, go away! There's a reason for this. You see, this morning there was a stinky bucky goat that came to the fence making goo goo eyes at one of our girly goats. Nuh uh! Well, he had one thing on his mind and love was in the air.

Jerry Boy came in and told Mommy she had to make him go away from the fence so he could let our goat family out. That was easier said than done. They yelled, shook sticks, nope, not paying attention to that. So, Mommy climbed over the fence with Stinky Boy and tried to shoo him away. Bwahahaha, she had my toy zapper gun that goes kapow kapow kapow and has flashing red lights. Stinky just looked at her like, you're kidding, right? Well, he got serious and started standing up on his back legs and waving his magic wand. I'm not supposed to see THAT!! Oopsie, run, Mommy, run! Stinky said, I'm not skeered, but he did run a few feet and turn around and come back. Ewwww, Mommy, go away, you STINK.

Good thing Jerry Boy can't smell. When Mommy came to take me to my outdoor condo I didn't like her stink at all, so I growled at her and told her to go away. At least she changed shirts but...ah well, might as well be a big girl and go for it. So I finally got in my outdoor condo with FRESH AIR, and all the goaties came to visit, except Stinky Boy. He better stay away from my girls or I'll bite him! Oh you don't wanna see me mad, it's not pretty. I learned it from Mommy!

Once again Jerry Boy had to build the World's Ugliest Fence cause the goaties were trying to eat Mommy's fig bushes. So to save the goats from the BBQ, here is the ugly thing! Poor goaties may starve to death.

Stay cool and I'll see ya in Sept, when Spunky Tales continues...you never know what I'll ponder up by then!


Spunky Doodle, Doodleville, USA


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Linda Suit is a city girl turned country. A travel agent by trade, she and her husband, Jerry, live in rural Arkansas with their animals including an amazing pet squirrel, Spunky Doodle.

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